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Jedi Shadow, Sith Assassin needs a big nerf soon.

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Jedi Shadow, Sith Assassin needs a big nerf soon.

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05.11.2012 , 05:38 PM | #281
Quote: Originally Posted by Aelaias View Post
Shadows are vastly superior to guardians but that doesn't mean they are overpowered. Guardians need plenty of help. Shadows are fine where they are.

And be more specific when making thread titles, Your referring too the Assasin/Shadow tank.... they might need brought down a notch but... the other 2 specs, infiltration/madness need there survivability buffed at minimum asap.

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05.28.2012 , 07:08 PM | #282
Tankadow's and Tankassins, have a lot of utility which makes them seamed over powered, but on the same note, you look at the people that have trouble with this class do not have a lot of damage mitigation. I play pyro and tankassins are very.....frustration to fight, i have my full set of WH armor (no gun/offhand) and i find that the same-ly geared tankassin will destroy me in a one on one fight, i've dueled them one on one and i've owned them if i have energy shield off cooldown, other than that its a crap shoot, what i don't like is how you can reward a class for fighting.... how do i say dirty? cowardly? i really don't know how to say it. Example your fighting this assassin and your just crit-ed a TD and a Rail shot on his *** so hes about 50% hp he stuns you, your like not this time __________(put in your favorite taunt) then you pop you cc braker, then at that moment he cloaks, he is now out of combat and he saps you, you like LSDFJOIJW (#@ U(*U#R) J#O JODJIFLJDSFJ D, cause now you see him using his out of combat regen and your sitting there kicking yourself, your like do i say "well played", do i get mad, do i call him out, do i bug bioware about a nerf, i don't really care its just damn annoying, but he comes back at you hit you up pretty damn good, and you die, your like well he cant do that for another 2 min hopefully i catch him with his guard down, also they can self heal for 12% every well lets count it, shock 1.5--wither 1.5--thrash 1.5--(proc)1.5 12%healed, not to mention there a tank spec, lol they take less damage avoid more and can still self heal like a boss, i love playing my assassin i can take on a lvl 45 strong with out a companion at level 40 and live 45 elite with talos and live, on my powertech with mako fully geared i was running tank spec and no being able to do that (i had to run tank spec cause i died way to much as AP or Pyro) now say im Pyro and i have a average void star 400k assassin live long enough to put 250-300k on the board, i die like 6-8 times they die 3-4, with any sort of healer they become a real annoyance, but i digress, my thoughts they have a great burst with a little into the madness tree i've been hit with shock for 4.5k + the extra 2.2k (granted they had all there cooldowns up and it was a crit shock with there recklessness up) so i don't how that is? a tank with burst that better than my Railshot with proc 6 seconds later, just has me confused, and so you take 6k damage (on average) cause they have free crit shocks and recklessness gives them a 50% increased surge with trinket and adrenal that pretty potent, once an Tankassin has changed the mods in his gear, and gone all damage he is a hard hitting mofo, i love playing it in WZ's it feels like cheating lol! but at the same time they can out survive and out dps a pure dps spec i don't agree with that, but its just cause Pyro relies on dots more than you think, also a Force shroud, give you a two global without your hardest hitting abilities TD and Rail shot (no dot, FS removes them), i have a better time using an "iron fist build against them cause your mitigation/toughness is on the same level, but thats my thoughts fought a 4 tankassin team who had two healers, they never died once, they just stacked on a door and with out healers on our team there was no way to do more dps that was being mitigated and healed, i do enjoy pyro even with the little nerf to us we are still good, and we get targets(marked) over our heads like healers (a shadow and i were board in illum he told me that), fighting assassins is like getting double sorc-ed or fighting a pyro with Explosive Fuel up, i would love an immunity, or good self heal, or a good mitigation ability like the other classes but lets give snipers/operatives a ranged stun first, give merc's a kick, give PT a tier one charge, or make degauss like hydraulic overide, TAKE AWAY shadows 8 second stun-----make it into a 4 second like a jugg that would be fair but that a 30 yard cc that make you a sitting duck and ranged love a sitting duck yuk that how they get fast void stars, Mara.....wolf.....lets just make them Easier to play but do less damage lol, and at the same time make it so that Sorcerers use there full heal teir cause with the nerf to cast speed there just doing single healing and going into the lighting tree so there hard to catch and hard to burst (for a PT at least), madness hurts a lot but if you can get close to them its not so bad, the 90% armor avoid just make other classes into Sorcerers LOL so how do you think they feel, and it only for PT so don't wine about it, i modded a full set of medium armor and a full set of social (when you could do BP and make credits, we wont talk about that but dailies are worth enough moeny to keep up on bills GIVE ME BP MOUNTING BACK!!!!!!!) and you die a little quicker but not much so Pyro is squishy, AP you can spec into the tanks 16% increased armor and 20% less damage stunned blah blah blah,
I'm Done there lots of work that need to be done to even it out 29 pages on bickering cause assassin wont say there OP, ill say it IM OP!!! PYRO IS OP!!! if you have half a brain and can hit about 8 buttons you do good damage!!!! i have fun with it,
TOP CLASSES OF ANNOYANCE, Tankassin & Mara tied for first, PT-Pyro nipping at there heels, Snipers you can't get to lol!!! (but really just stun and pull)
I've been seeing this happen lately and i don't know why but i get lag when fighting Pubs, like interface lag, and one assassin i attack you start attacking him then you'll just die lol (happen to 6 people so far) or your life will be down to like 2k hp, if there a hack WHY DONT I KNOW ABOUT IT, i want to make people die just by looking at me lol, k make a list of what you think makes the game more even i would love to read it cause i have about 30 people on my server ready to quick cause it seam that the game is handing people wins, and i don't want this game to go rift up lol
im out <3 your friendly PT pyro___________ (enter your name here)

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05.28.2012 , 10:20 PM | #283
You actually expect someone to read that? My eyes hurt after looking at that giant block of text for two seconds.
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02.19.2013 , 09:00 AM | #284
Need nerfing period even after the garbage you wrote mate

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02.19.2013 , 09:10 AM | #285
Quote: Originally Posted by Jaberwokker View Post
Need nerfing period even after the garbage you wrote mate
Holy necro...
Last post in this was from may 2012.
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02.23.2013 , 10:11 AM | #286
Shadows are in no way overpowered!!! All tanking classes have the goods and bads. No matter the added defensives and kinetic ward, you fail to realize they have light armor on making it an equal trade off!!! If you learn to play your classs you wouldnt be even attempting to say such nonsense. A shadow get hit and takes way more damage than vang or guardian bottom line so you need those addes defensives to equal the playing field of light vs heavy armor.

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02.24.2013 , 05:27 AM | #287
Quote: Originally Posted by Jaberwokker View Post
Need nerfing period even after the garbage you wrote mate
They got nerfed, twice. So, now let this old thread sleep again. And should really this class should ever become again a favour of the month class, then start a new thread with the issues the class has then.
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02.24.2013 , 07:21 AM | #288
Shadows are very powerful in the right hands. I can't get over how my nearly completely remodded assguard was taken apart by an infiltration/balance hybrid in a little longer than the 3 seconds of complete tech immunity. Still, the skill barrier is relatively higher than for assguards, sentinels, and even guardians. That very assassin would be much less effective in a situation other than 1v 1. Kinetic/balance hybrids are something else entirely, however. Way too much dps and utility.

PS Lol, just registered the original post date.
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07.30.2015 , 07:28 AM | #289
Lets see almost every pub in the game is playing shadows now, 20 and 30 people in a group and everyone a shadow what does that say about needing a nerf.

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07.30.2015 , 10:54 AM | #290
Quote: Originally Posted by Varshade View Post
Lets see almost every pub in the game is playing shadows now, 20 and 30 people in a group and everyone a shadow what does that say about needing a nerf.
You necroed this thread just to say that? "20 and 30 people in a group" is incorrect, sir or madam. I do not pvp a shadow or sin and have ZERO trouble with them in ranked or unranked.
Have a nice day.