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smuggler healer LF guild

mynockmuffins's Avatar

02.16.2013 , 10:15 AM | #1
Im a casual player but looking to do a bit more. Have been playing since beta so I'm not new. Lv 50 smugg has some Rakata gear and weapon master gear. Lv 50 sent has some Columni gear. I have experience working in ops, have healed and dpsed for Ev and Kp but have not gone beyond those. I would like too. I have also pvped a lot. I have kids and a job so weeks are limited but I can make time if something is scheduled. Weekends are my main time for playing. I'd also like to do the Gree event with fellow peeps. Thanks.
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Elrikee_Raath's Avatar

02.16.2013 , 11:14 AM | #2
Give Alpha Strike Force a try! We have been around since SWToR launched while our team has been going strong since 1998. We're pretty active in terms of events so there is always something to keep you busy if you're in to ops, pvp, flashpoints, etc. .Most of our activity occurs on the weekends but there are always a lot of people on during the weekdays as well.

You can read more about our guild on this section of our website. If you have any questions please feel free to post on our guest forums or send me a message.

My in-game name is Elrike. Hope to hear from you soon!


casedude's Avatar

02.17.2013 , 02:43 PM | #3
If the guild above this reply doesn't sound like your thing, please come visit Ohana. We're PvE oriented, easy going, and have an excellent time raiding. This is our website