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[SNX] 2v2 League idea - looking for feedback

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[SNX] 2v2 League idea - looking for feedback

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02.17.2013 , 06:57 AM | #1
Congrats to Nuisance and Pedigree for coming 1st and second in the SNX Dueling tournament.

I have had an idea about a 2v2 Dueling league so wanted to throw the feelers out there. So just wondering if there is any interest in setting up a 2v2 League.

Basically we will limit each league to say 10 teams to begin with to be run over 5 weeks (so 2 sets of duels per week).

Duels are to occur in the pit on Tatooine or at another location if agreement is reached between the pairs fighting with the matches the best of 5.

Each pair is responsible for arranging their own fights and are responsible for posting the results before the due date. No post will equal zero points for both teams and if the pairs can't arrange a fight before the due time they get zero points for that fight unless one team follows the rules set below.

Entrance fee for each pair is 50k, winner of the league takes all. (10 pairs = 500k)

Draw will be round robin and you play each team once. Winner will be decided by a ladder system where win = 3 points, loss = 1 point, no contest = 0 points and which also utilises for and against (eg. You win the best out of 5 3-2 means 3 for, 2 against).

- Stims are allowed.
- All specs are allowed. Specs can be changed at free will.
- No Medpacks (results in loss of current duel).
- No Adrenals (results in loss of current duel).
- No PVE Relics (results in loss of current duel).
- No Rocket Boots (results in loss of current duel).
- No Companions (results in loss of current duel).
- No Grenades (results in loss of current duel).
- In the case of any Duel the bout can go no longer than 10 minutes at the end of the time limit the winner will be decided by a /roll.
- There will be no restrictions on Gear apart from PVE Relics.
- Only 1 toon allowed per person in each league although you may enter multiple leagues on other toons but not the same toon. Eg. I use toon Alpha in League A, he can't be in any other league but I can put toon Bravo in League B.
- Should you not be able to organise a match with the other team before the deadline then at 4pm AEST on the sunday of the deadline if your team is at the pit on tatooine and the other team is a no show then you will be awarded the win at 3 for 0 against. At the 4pm time you will be required to contact someone from SNX to verify that the other team is a no show.

As far as management goes it is meant to be kept simple so that the only work is handing out the initial draw and setting the deadlines for results, updating the table at the end of each week and handing out the prize money at the end.

As we get more pairs signed up we can run a second or third league etc.

So.... is there any interest in this? If so are there any suggestions to the stuff mentioned above? I don't want it to start and then people say things should have been different half way through, now is your chance to speak up!!

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03.04.2013 , 09:25 PM | #2
I know this has been up for awhile, but I only just looked at it now and this sounds like an interesting idea
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