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Gree Quest Rundown - Stress free completion

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Gree Quest Rundown - Stress free completion

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02.15.2013 , 07:18 PM | #1
Here is a rundown of the entire Gree event so far. I am not posting specifics on the missions, only the general path taken to complete everything.

Quick Reference:
(Rep Token - Increases Faction standing with Gree, by a small, medium, or large amount)
(Grey Helix Token - Used to purchase the new gear)

1) Get quest from fleet. Go to Ilum, West Shelf pvp area
2) Get all quests from quest area


(Daily) - There are 3 (I believe) quests that are non-pvp, and non-heroic. These can be solo'd, at your leisure with no risk of PvP. The only reason to do these quests is for Rep Tokens. Once you have the needed rep, you stop doing these unless you are trying to save up rep tokens for later use.

(PvP) - There are 2 quests that require you to enter the PvP area. One of these quests requires you to get orbs and return them to a pylon. This is a dangerous quest and should be skipped by anyone not wanting to get ganked in the open world area. The second PvP quest just requires killing normal mobs. You can easily solo this one as well, but since its in the PvP zone, there can be extra stress involved.

I recommend skipping both of these PvP missions as the rewards are only Rep tokens, and not Grey Helix tokens or anything else useful.

(Heroic) - This one can be done in the non-pvp area but requires a group that includes someone capable of healing. This one gives you Rep Tokens but this is the only one of the dailies that gives a Grey Helix token (for buying gear). This quest brings a danger of PvP, since you may accidentally become flagged for healing a groupmate. But since you are deep in Imperial territory, this risk is minimal to nil.

After you gain Newcomer standing by farming the above missions, you unlock 1 new mission from the quest area. I forgot what the quest is, but I believe its a one-time deal that gives you 2 Grey Helix tokens. And with Newcomer status, you can enter the Grey Secant.

Inside the Secant, there is another quest you can get. Its a one-time thing that sends you to other planets. Takes 40mins and is super easy.

The final content available
is to kill the bosses. First and main is Xenoanalyst, inside the Grey Secant. He is basically an Ops consisting of 1 boss. You set the Op to 8/16, Normal/Hard....and go in like a normal Op. You can kill him once on normal and once on hard, just like all other ops. The rewards from him are huge. Each person gets 6/8 Grey Helix Tokens, 4 Black Hole tokens, a Large Rep token, and there are 2 random black hole drops to roll for.

The first time you enter his area, you get the quest to kill him. There is only 1 quest, and it completes after killing him on hard or normal. The quest only gives 2 Grey Helix tokens, and can only be done once. The second time you kill him (on the other mode), you do it without the quest.

The other 2 bosses can be easily pugged. They only drop Rep Tokens and a couple pieces of black hole gear. No Grey Helix tokens. And when you kill all 3 of these bosses to complete the quest, there are no additional rewards. Its possible that I just didn't get a title and should have. But right now I got nothing from boss #2 and #3. They are skipable if you are only concerned with loot.


Now that you are excited to go faceroll Ilum.....just know that all the new weapons require CHAMPION standing with the Gree. Due to the maximum reputation gain per week, this standing is not even available for another week or two (hopefully). I have the tokens, but I am still not allowed to buy gear because I'm not a champion. So I completed the entire event but now must wait a couple weeks to see the fruits of my labor...
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