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The gree event is going to be the death of me

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The gree event is going to be the death of me

Draloch's Avatar

02.14.2013 , 10:28 PM | #1
I'm absolutely destroying myself with this event so far.

I converted my sand people armor to strength dps gear so my Guardian and Marauder and Assassin's Companion all have a black hole set.

I converted one of my containment officer sets to aim dps gear so my Mercenary and Vanguard's companion has a black hole set.

I already have my Vanguard, Scoundrel, and Sniper in optimized 61/63 gear from raiding. So almost all 7 characters and companions are in 61 or better.

It takes me 12 hours to do a no frills set of gree dailies, but world bosses and xeno runs extend it. I've killed a dozen or so world bosses and 2 sets of SM/HM xeno's.

I'm basically on NO SLEEP for the past 3 days, but I'm getting my champion rep and weapon tokens darn it!

If you see a character with the Kirk legacy pvp flagged and running against a wall, please don't kill me. I just fell asleep and my face is on the keyboard. Throw me an invite for WB's and I'll accept when I wake up.

Fknsatsu's Avatar

02.14.2013 , 11:03 PM | #2
Can you get to champ in the two weeks the Gree event is out?

I thought we'd could only get to Friend,.
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BradTheImpaler's Avatar

02.14.2013 , 11:18 PM | #3
How long is this event going for? Sorry if that's a dumb question or something but I only just finished midterm exams and have this week off, mostly, so I've been a bit out of the loop but I have a window of time to get this done.
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Draloch's Avatar

02.14.2013 , 11:43 PM | #4
It's Feb 12 - Feb 26.

So 14 total days. Ending with weekly maintenance in a week and a half.

And you can't get champion status by then (not even close).

But if you have extra rep tokes, you can continue to use them every week to keep pushing rep at the rate of 12,000 rep per week (12k is the weekly cap per account).

I don't know if the vendors will still be around, but you can't buy anything from them unless you have the reputation level for the item. So if the vendors go away, you can't get the items til the event recurs.

The developers say they plan to redo this one several times this year.

Raekor's Avatar

02.15.2013 , 01:42 AM | #5
If you do it right you can get 40,230 rep in 3 weeks. Just have to collect enough trophies in the two weeks the event is on so you can use the extra in the third when it stops but the vendor is still there.

Amlici's Avatar

02.15.2013 , 03:13 AM | #6
You will have to wait for people with rep when you get there anyway
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