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Blue parallels and Green purpendiculars

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Blue parallels and Green purpendiculars

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05.01.2012 , 11:20 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by MCerberus View Post
Anyway, how I see it

This seems to be the most accurate to me in regards to working on transliteration. There are several instances talking to the droids where they will use a different color with the same geometric term, or vice versa (black bisector, black sphere, blue sphere, etc etc)

I'd written out on paper as I came across color/term combinations and tried to define them using the context I came across them in. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the notes so when I find them I shall update the thread.
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05.01.2012 , 11:48 AM | #22
I mostly play Empire but I did this questline for the first time on my Rep Trooper a month or two back, and whilst it took me a few sentences to actually find understanding (rather than just hearing gibberish xD), when my comprehension reached a certain point, I found myself totally digging this dialogue!

Interesting theories that some people have come up with... If anyone ever gets a definitive answer on the language I hope they post it here for us all to read
Would be nice to see more of the Gree (or - more specifically I believe - their droid emissaries); I'm actually saddened by the fact that you cannot do similar quests on the Imp side of things!

However, by the end of the questline (and after spending all day and night one weekend playing my Trooper), I decided that:

You know you've played too much SW:TOR when.... you understand what the Gree droids are saying without having to think very hard.


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05.01.2012 , 12:34 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Diviciacus View Post
I seem to have lost the notes so when I find them I shall update the thread.
Boom. Dug them out, of all things, my study notes for my Latin final a couple weeks ago. Anyway, I derped up slightly and never wrote down the context for things (thankfully, someone's got a transcript earlier in the thread), but this is the complete list of terms I came across on two playthroughs (both Consulars, but different servers):

Green obtuse
Red parallel
Black bisector
Yellow concave
White vertex
Black sphere
Blue nonagon
Orange sphere
Green Perpendicular
Blue tangent
Yellow equilateral
Purple parallel
White acute
Grey sphere
Ochre tetrasphere
Red tangent
Grey pentachoron
Purple equilateral
Blue parallel
Blue obtuse
Blue vertex
Red bisector

Given the usage of multiple colors with the same term (or vice versa) I think they are separate sense units (to borrow a linguistics term), ie. the color can be translated without the term. I may or may not have fallen into the bias of assuming because colors are adjectives in human languages, they are too in Greespeak (cheating, one might say, knowing that Bioware's writers are themselves human).

In any event, this interpretation has yielded results that fit within the contexts of the term pair usage; and, given that once I decided on a likely meaning for a term, it fit within subsequent contexts the term was found, I believe my analysis accurate to some degree. The geometric terms which are nonsense (pentachoron, tetrasphere) I believe reflect something of the Gree belief system, or possibly, in the case of tetrasphere, cultural system (beyond the language). Anyway, here is the list broken down by color and geometric term, with related translations.

Green: I believe Green indicates a superlative, ie. "very" or "most" in English (cp. Latin -issimus, -a, -um, etc)
Red: Good, regardless of possible moral compass or not (Good day, Good person, etc.) See White and Yellow.
Black: Fierce/skilled
Yellow: Moral opposite of Red. (Evil, etc)
White: Generic opposite of Red (eg. bad taste, etc)
Blue: normal, regular
Orange: Possibly easy. This term only came up once.
Purple: Complete, fixed, etc (cp. compound verbs of Facio, facere in Latin).
Grey: I believe Grey may be not an adjective, but the preposition "above" or similar adjectives.
Ochre: I have no idea as the term only came up once - and only paired with a nonsensical geometric term. I believe this may be part of the Gree belief system (see Tetrasphere).

Geometric terms
Obtuse: possibly important/importance.
Parallel: Solution, in the sense of "making something as it should be" or "sorting out"
Bisector: Warrior/Champion
Concave: damage, disrepair
Vertex: I believe this is something like discord (as a vertex is two lines that touch, not a parallel, but not as ungood as a perpendicular)
Sphere: Task, duty
Nonagon: area, place
Perpendicular: Only seen once, but the context seems to give credence to meaning danger or similar (opposite of a parallel)
Tangent: this seems to mean an emotional state, modified by colors to indicate of what sort (ie. a black tangent would be anger, etc or red tangent seems to indicate happiness)
Equilateral: Not a clue. It's used in the sense of "yellow equilateral" to mean something about destroying or dealing with hostile forces, but later with purple to mean something like "everything is working now"
Acute: Only seen once, but I believe this is something like hostility or a grudge, given that the droid is talking about his superiors overlooking his talents.
Tetrasphere: Possibly religious concept or some kind of social construct. I am less certain about the meaning of tetrasphere than I am pentachoron, below.
Pentachoron: Given Grey's possible meaning of "above" and the context this is given in, the Grey Pentachoron seems to be some kind of afterlife. There is nothing available in the context to determine whether it is a good or bad place to end up - it is simply given as a statement that if your character messes with Gree technology, they will end up here (ie. die and go there). It MAY be negative because it's a warning against screwing with Gree tech. Arguments could also be made for it being positive given your character's so far aiding the droids.
Convex: I have this translated as "mystery" but I have no idea if that's my commentary on not knowing what it means of if that's what I think it means - I never wrote down the phrase it was given in so I can't figure out my own notes on this term. Derp.

And that is my analysis.

-Sovngarde, Jung Ma Republic
Nonne mei fratres congruitis nobis nostram cruore ferroque humum recipienda esse aut Imperium Aeternum quae omnia speremus peregerimusque vere perdat?
Conquering the Darkest Places, the ongoing misadventures of a Sith doing what's right by her.

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05.01.2012 , 12:40 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by MCerberus View Post

So a purple parallelogram would be something good for everyone present.
"Except, parallelogram wasn't used."

~My black sphere evolves go a a purple parallel because of you...~

"That's the only line used in that context. Notably, while looking over the lines I've definitely changed what I think about 'white', but I think the problem is people are trying to approach this too 'humanly', or trying to make the ideas too broad. There is an issue where almost everything the Gree say is related to a single set of problems (namely, broken mechanical things and the need for a soldier/warrior to fight enemies to fix them), so we cannot get a lot of different types of context."

"Anyway, I'm still reverse engineering it as I go through the lines posted here."

Quote: Originally Posted by Diviciacus View Post
Given the usage of multiple colors with the same term (or vice versa) I think they are separate sense units (to borrow a linguistics term), ie. the color can be translated without the term. I may or may not have fallen into the bias of assuming because colors are adjectives in human languages, they are too in Greespeak (cheating, one might say, knowing that Bioware's writers are themselves human).
"Well, you've definitely captured more of the spirit of how I am approaching this, but I believe that colors do not have to be adjectives specifically because the language is alien, so from the standpoint of a writer, they *might* flip that to make the language more alien. I think colors act as a descriptor for what the geometric forms interact with, such as 'Black' being 'violence' or 'danger', and 'White' being 'speech', 'diplomacy' and/or 'comprehension'."

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06.04.2012 , 05:03 AM | #25
i don't know that bisector is champion as they identify their senses as "unique red bisectors" if you ask in-iK about himself.
he also mentions that they have 5 senses that analyze form and 3 that soak color.

as for Yellow Equilateral: i would see that as conflict of opposing perpendiculars.

also, convex seems more like 'secret' than mystery though both terms fit i suppose

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06.04.2012 , 12:19 PM | #26
Droid, your bizzarre praise makes it all worthwhile.
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02.12.2013 , 07:01 PM | #27
So this has become quite an interest to myself and wanted to see how comprehensive we could make the language.
I took Diviciacus' analysis, mixed with subpop's list of Gree lines using the color-shape wording -- did some extra reading in the wookipedia on Gree Language and reviewed other posters proposed ideals and think I've developed a decent translation, some parts are left blank due to lack of perception to what they may be.
For the translated concepts, they were assessed to fit the Gree Droid dialogue in any circumstance used:

::Color Sense::

Black = something dangerous/violent
White = something troubling or difficult
Grey = may be prepositional, such as "above"
Ochre =

Purple = something complete or perfect
Red = something good happening
Orange = something easy or in a neutral state
Yellow = something bad
Green = (dependent on shape) hostile or opposing; could also be a superlative, "very" or "most"
Blue = related to mayhem or chaos

::Color Shifting::

White Shifting = to become confused or have difficulty

Purple Shifting = to induce completeness or perfectness
Red Shifting = to become or encompass something good
Yellow Shifting = to become or encompass something bad, become corrupt
Blue Shifting = to become or encompass mayhem or chaos

::Shape Sense::

Bisector = someone who intercedes or divides; warrior or champion
Parallel = things in-line/moving in same direction, a good state or a solution
Perpendicular = (opposite of parallel) something opposing
Nonagon = encompassing an area of interest
Tangent = something unpredictable/unexpected
Obtuse = (opposite of acute) something very important or large
Acute = (opposite of obtuse) something of little importance or small
Sphere = task/duty or idea
Concave = damaged or disrepair
Vertex = relationship between two objects/individuals, or discord
Equilateral = (dependent on color), referring to multiple parts of something ??
Tetrasphere =
Pentachoron =
Convex = something of mystery


Green Obtuse = something of great importance
Red Parallel = something representing a good solution
Black Bisector = someone who deals with dangerous/violent situations
Yellow Concave = something badly damaged
White Vertex = a troubling or difficult disagreement or relationship
Black Sphere = a dangerious task or idea
Blue Nonagon = an area of choas, area that is bad
Orange Sphere = representing an easy idea or task
Green Perpendicular = something opposing with hostility
Blue Tangent = (relative double negative?) inferring an unexpected turn from chaos
Purple Parallel = a completed solution
White Acute = something of little importance
White Perpendicular = something of difficult opposition
White Convex = referring to a difficult mystery
Red Bisector = someone who encourages good (situations?)
Grey Sphere = may refer to being above average duty
Red Tangent = something good that happened un-expectantly
Blue Vertex = (relative double negative?) to achieve a good relationship out of something bad
Ochre Tetrasphere =
Grey Petachoron =

::Gree Droid Lines::

-Senator, please comprehend. Repairing Coruscant's infrastructure is green obtuse. To form the red parallel, we require a black bisector.
-The enclave bargains resources and offers reversal of Coruscant's yellow concave. We commit to white vertex to achieve this.
-Impossible. My delegates require aid from one accustomed to fire, damage and chaos. A black bisector, you see?
-My delegates will describe their black spheres for you. These are bold, courageous, mission-callings. Speak to them and learn.
-Never going back... Never going back to blue nonagon. Now, I am yellow concave. Injuries mark my chassis forever, and why? Ungrateful humans!
-That is difficult to impart. The level below is concentrated, strong, misery-wrongness. It is blue nonagon and horrible. Never going back.
-I crafted a solution to achieve Pat-aK's command. All was orange sphere, until I arrived at the level below. Then, green perpendicular!
-You offer yourself as a black bisector? That is a gratifying and unpredicted announcement! I pledge to provide items of Gree ingenuity in return.
-Be alerted, Black Sun green perpendicular will provide onslaught. May you experience blue tangent and return intact...
-You are unmarred by Black Sun green perpendiculars. I am gratified by this.
-My black sphere evolves go a purple parallel because of you. When I impart this development, Pat-aK will progress enthusiasm with the senator.
-Operator units always inherit fouled labors. I administrate as well as Pat-aK, but I am marooned to waste processing! What have I done to incur white acute?
-Please restrict unneeded slang terms, comprehending your sonics is white perpendicular enough as it is
-Many species attempt access of Gree ingenuity. This is no white convex-ah, mystery-puzzle-labor.
-My aptitudes are grey sphere, but the enclave permits only Operator unit assignment. This is inequitable distribution of my aptitudes.
-That is the expected response, black bisector. Why exhaust respiratory functions on it?
-Ah, superior. This red tangent generates appreciativeness, black bisector.
-With this optimization solution repossessed, Coruscant's waste processors revive. Filth-disease-poison levels recede, plague outbreaks averted. All resolves to purple parallel.
-I am In-iK, science unit. Please "talk up" if your comprehension white-shifts. I will use simple-happy language-words to help you understand.
-The Gree language-form is dissimilar to Basic language-form. Because Gree senses are unique red bisectors!
-Yes. A blue vertex has been achieved, and we must embed ourselves.
-But enemy droid-machines intersect the power conduits and yellow-shift their functionality. Enemy droid-machines must stop, and conduits must be fixed.
-I monitor the power conduits, and know where to implement purple-shifting. As black bisector, you can "take out" many, many droid-machines.
-Excellent, red tangents envelope us. You will do well black bisector.

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06.30.2013 , 12:13 PM | #28
Other than the obvious like purple parellel and Black Bisector, ive figured out one. White Vertex=Treaty
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08.31.2014 , 11:07 AM | #29
Sort of digging this outta the grave but here's some more terms for you (from the Terror from Beyond republic storyline (end))

Purple Tangent - (What purple tangent your arrival has been!) - Seems to be used in this context as 'good fortune'
Red Rhombus - (Your are red rhombus) - A title. The highest in Gree society according to the Chancellor. You are able to ask about this term and he goes on to explain (You are absolute, unequaled, without defect!)
Purple Parallel - (Be purple parallel, little sentient!) - Right before the second quote about red rhombus, after you ask what it means
Ritual of Blue Vertex - (We have never designated red rhombus without the Ritual of Blue Vertex.) - A ritual obviously
White Equilateral - (...finally, white equilateral!) - said after the ritual of blue vertex is complete (Fades in from black screen)
Bisector - Calls those present Republic Bisectors (Chancellor, Major, and toon)