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Server Stability in PvP

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Server Stability in PvP

Decoygaming's Avatar

02.11.2013 , 11:05 PM | #1
List of issues i'm seeing alot due to i guess Lag.

- Abilities activate rather slow when they are pressed.
- Abilities that fail to go off. (animations are displayed but nothing actualy happens.)
- Cast bar not showing up when rapidly casting.
- Player positions not displayed correctly. (not even self)
- Mainly Ball carriers that seem to fall down something glitch/lag and teleport up, down, up, down and then teleport to a different position.
- "You are Dead" on screen while around 10-1% HP.
- Heals that are fully casted just before someone dies get ignored.
- LoS in PvP not working as it should. (Line of Sight)
- Interupting at the very end almost not possible because the timer is not correct resulting into an interupt used for nothing.
- AoE (like Smash, i know it's OP but it's an example) used after charge fails to hit the charged target most of the time.
- Camera movement feels rather slugish unless Rotationspeed is cranked up alot.

These are the main issues i'm having and seeing. I know the servers have alot more players on them now with F2P, but it's getting frustrating to have to put up with problems like these and not seeing change. I'm not enjoying PvP anymore the way it goes now and that excludes the problems around balancing the game properly. In matter of fact it takes way to long for changes to happen and/or to be hotfixed. Don't get me wrong i love to see new content and i'm happy everytime a patch comes out, but having abit more focus on the backend of the game and fixing the code is also something that should be high on the list.

I'm running the game on this rig:
Rampage II Extreme
I7 920 @ 3.6Ghz
GTX 590
Running at 50-144 FPS (Vsynced at 144Hz)

My connection speed/stats:
Wired Connection
Speed: 60Mbits
Ping Ingame: 25-50
Server: Tomb of Freedon Nadd

I'm just wondering if other players are also experiencing these things. Friends that i play with also have these problems.

Keep it Polite,

General_Aldo's Avatar

02.12.2013 , 05:10 PM | #2
A majority of those issues you listed have been going on since launch. BW is too lazy to fix those issues, so they will never get fixed. Not to mention this engine was bought incomplete. These issues will exist forever. I'm waiting for TESO to come out, so I won't have to deal with this anymore.