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Did not receive purchased Cartel Coins

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Did not receive purchased Cartel Coins
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Ulfvitr's Avatar

02.12.2013 , 11:08 AM | #91
Why continue to post your order numbers and/or complain?

1: They know it's an issue
2: They are working on the issue
3: Patience is a virtue
4: >

Timozha's Avatar

02.12.2013 , 11:08 AM | #92
Yay, fixed!

Thank you for looking into it so swiftly and making sure we had the coins, much appreciated.

JimG's Avatar

02.12.2013 , 11:09 AM | #93
Quote: Originally Posted by Issreolira View Post
I also had this happen, and I was one of the ones who called in and waited for an hour on hold to talk to an agent.
I've found that just direct emailing them at "" is a pretty fast way to get things resolved. I sent an email about my missing Cartel Coins and they were added to my account in less than 10 minutes after I sent the email. I've also been able to get some other issues resolved quickly this way as well. I'd go that route over calling them or in-game tickets.

jgoldsack's Avatar

02.12.2013 , 11:16 AM | #94
I now have my coins as well.
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Sumptizzle's Avatar

02.12.2013 , 11:17 AM | #95
Problem solved. Problem staying solved. Bioware leads the way.

lordoak's Avatar

02.12.2013 , 01:17 PM | #96
I have been trying to purchase cartel coins for over an hour now and i keep getting a variety of error responses. i was able to purchase 2400 but when i try for 5500 an error screen comes up. please fix this issue

Heroxen's Avatar

02.12.2013 , 04:44 PM | #97
Yeah, problem fixed for me. Thanks.

RobotWalk's Avatar

02.12.2013 , 08:51 PM | #98
Not to necro a thread about an issue which was resolved earlier, but I just tried to purchase a pack, and I got the confirmation page, but then I had no coins. I tried it again, and still no coins. Received two email confirmations, and the balance for two is showing up on my credit card, but refreshing the page and logging out and back in, don't seem to be resolving the issue.

Transairion's Avatar

02.12.2013 , 09:00 PM | #99
I've also just bought a (huge) amount of Cartel Coins just to have nothing added to my account, even though I have both reciepts in my email. Submitted and ingane ticket too...

Doesn't look as "fixed" as some people thought...

Practel's Avatar

02.12.2013 , 09:23 PM | #100
I also just bought coins and did not receive them in-game.