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New Title for exploring the entire map of all Planets!

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New Title for exploring the entire map of all Planets!

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02.09.2013 , 09:00 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by yeiiow View Post
hi, i was doing some exploration today in order to get the full map of the planet i was at, fully explored , as i usually do whenever i put my feets into a new planet. And i came with the idea that we should have a title for exploring the entire map of all planets(the entire galaxy), i mentioned it on the general chat and most people showed great interest on this. Its a simple thing to do in my opinion and a great way to reward those who actually like exploring all corners of the world, this is a good incentive to make people actually care for exploring the planets and go outside of their quest area.. Since right now there is really nothing that inspires us to do it, apart from some extra xp and some very few codex entries....

Some ideas/suggestions would be:
- the explorer
- the scout
- the traveler
- the star seeker
- the cartographer
- the seeker

also a tittle for collecting all datacrons/discovering all lore/codex entries, etc should be avanible, since its a bitt of an archivement and requires dedication, i think something like:

-the collector
-the lore seeker
-the librarian
-the historian
-the lore keeper

a tittle for discovering all species in the codex:

-the biologist

seriously there is so much potential for new tittles, that i don't really get why the devs don't do something about it... In stead of giving us lame tittles as resoult of buying lot of useless crap with cartel marked coins, the tittles should be more atached to specific personal archivements........

hope to see some positive feedback about the topic.... Thanks
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02.09.2013 , 06:26 PM | #32
- The Nerd
- The Geek
- The Time Lord

xP jk. /signed