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Is there any way to macro gathering missions?

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Crew Skills
Is there any way to macro gathering missions?

arkanone's Avatar

02.08.2013 , 05:29 PM | #1
I got into crafting augs which unfortunately means a mind-numbing amount of SLICING MISSIONS.

I'm not looking for a cheat or hack, just a program that would remember my clicks because the whole crew mission interface is mouse-driven.

What would be really nice is if I send Andronikos Revel out on "Aratech Bounty" 100 times, that eventually it would be his default mission until otherwise stipulated by me.

Zorash's Avatar

02.08.2013 , 05:40 PM | #2
I doubt you can even make a macro program for that because the missions are randomized.

I would assume, since most MMOs are like that, a macro program is against the TOS, so I highly doubt anyone could tell you on these boards without getting in trouble.