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Looking to join a Empire guild that does raids

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Looking to join a Empire guild that does raids

XDrcaul's Avatar

01.07.2013 , 10:20 PM | #1
My current guild is dieing, they never really did any raiding.

I am usually available in the evening Mon - Friday after 7:00 pm central
and Weekends are usually open unless there is something planed a head of time.

Name: Kreptkeeper
I have ventrilo
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Angrylilseth's Avatar

01.08.2013 , 03:51 PM | #2
Hit me up ingame either on Angrry, Angger, Ennragde or Angrylilsith and you can check out the guild website:
Angrry "DPS Jugg"/ Ennraged "Mercenary"/ Angger"Operative"
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Xeenvv's Avatar

02.05.2013 , 08:18 PM | #3
TranscÚndent <> has three 8-man Operation teams running events 2/week for each team. There are currently a few DPS spots open on 2 of the teams:

Seal Team Sith - EC NiM Progression
3rd Time's a Charm - TFB HM Progression

Additionally we run 1 ranked PVP event each week and 16-man Operations ~ 2-3 times a month. Feel free to check out the site for additional information or message me in game: Xeenguard, Xeenspark, Xeenatar.

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Xeen @ <Torva Nex> Jedi Covenant - Imperial
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Vallenar's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 07:42 AM | #4
Templars runs three scheduled events a week including Black Hole comm farming, EC HM, and TFB HM. We also group for Nightmare Pilgrim kills on occasion and we have a group of folks who do unscheduled pvp.

Feel free to fill out an app on the forums or hit me up in-game.
Trantor - Mercenary - Jedi Covenant
Guild/Raid Leader of Templars
Templars Is Recruiting