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lightsaber choreography in episode VII

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lightsaber choreography in episode VII

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02.04.2013 , 03:49 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Surinen View Post
because I want flashy moves? I thought that teenagers these days like to perceive themselves as sophisticated guru of seventh broken mountain. but yes, far from realism = better SW combat movie. and you are right I'm not only a blademaster but weaponmaster, thank you for your insight.

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02.04.2013 , 04:08 PM | #32
It boggles the mind how people love to belittle others. Is there any proof that said person is not proficient in the usage of many weapons? Is it so unbelievable that somebody both enjoys fantastic and exotic action scenes, and also knows how real weapons are fought with?

Allow me, as somebody who also has training with various sword and other weapon fighting techniques, to weigh in here. I fully agree that flashy, exotic fighting makes for a fun visual experience. However, this must also be taken in moderation. The fight should not just aim to be flashy, but also believable. Take the duel between Luke and Vader in Episode VI for example, every swing felt like it had meaning and purpose. They weren't just swinging their laser swords around to look cool, they were fighting a deadly battle with lightsabers while Palpatine cackled in the background at his handiwork. Which, in turn, made it cool.

A little flair is fine. Yoda doing flips and stuff was totally awesome, partially because every part of those strikes felt meaningful, and partially because... Well, he's Yoda. Nuff said. As long as the fights don't get into the "let's see which one of us takes off like a helicopter" territory, I'm fine with acrobatics and spinning parries. Forget how impractical they might be with a real sword. We're talking about space wizards with laser blades. As long as the fighting looks believable, I'll enjoy it no matter how exotic it is.
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