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Shadow Tank @ Lost Island

Rahizm's Avatar

02.03.2013 , 04:54 PM | #1
O hello,

I started tanking in this game 5 days ago when I hit 50 and I do not know what the crap I'm doing wrong. Here's the story. I play @ Harbinger.

To start out I'll mention my gear:
- Custom headitem with Columi mods and Shield augment (for the rest no augments yet, haven't really brought myself to grinding dailies but I will! I promise D: )
- Rakata chestpiece (which I ironically got from Lost Island)
- Columi hands, legs, feet, offhand, earpiece, belt, bracer.
- Rakata relic w. shield absorbtion and rating
- War Hero relic w/ shield rating
- Rakata & Black Hole implants
- Tier 1 Tank lightsaber (Last Bastion), because I missed out on the columi weap every time >_>

I go by the standard priority list of abilities: FB (to debuff) > TK (3x HS) > ST > Project > DS > SS. Talent tree is 31 in Kinetic and 10 in Balance.
I always keep Shield Ward up. Because you know, has to be.


I queue up for Lost Island. Great I join a pug. We head up to the first boss. And mind you, this happens to me every time.... I die on the first boss DOUBLE U TEE EFF MATE.

The boss hits me for 6,7k. I assume this is normal. When I'm at 50/60% HP I pop up deflection, and since the boss doesn't have force/tech powers I assume Resilience is not really useful. However, like any other defensive ability the timer runs out. So I pop out my relic as fast as I can. After this I end up dying.

Questions incoming:
- Is it me or does the healer suck?
I've told the healers (because I ran it multiple times) to focus healing on me, and I presumed they did. I mean, if the DPS need healing on that boss they must be colorblind or something, anyone should be able to spot those yellow marks on dee floor.

Note that I'm not sure what the healers were doing all the time and yes I should be more aware of this. I don't know if the past healers were dps-ing too, I've had idiots like that before.

- Or is the dps too low to finish this low HP boss off?
I mean 113/130 or whatever kilo HP that guy has should be easy to burn down.

I can take on every other boss past that one without dying fast. Only on one occassion I died within seconds on the droid and the healer blamed me for it (I had buffs and Kinetic Ward up). And yes I interrupted his incinerate.


So, any ideas? Thanks for reading this wall of text lol.

TheMarmalade's Avatar

02.03.2013 , 05:11 PM | #2
There are a lot of things that can go wrong in this fight and it is really unfair to blame your healer especially if your fifty. I find on that fight most tanks and dps completely ignore the adds and they will go straight for the healer and its very difficult to heal when you as the healer have to kill the adds.

Also 6.7k damage per hit seems a bit crazy he doesn't hit my guardian tank anywhere near that hard. I know shadows are very different but what are your defensive stats at?

One last small side note I would not name any players here like you did with your healer. Definitely makes you look like a dick.

TralyanSavo's Avatar

02.03.2013 , 05:11 PM | #3
The first boss is hard to heal through. Your first mistake is probably pugging Lost Island (find a guild and run with your guild, especially guild healers).

You need to be staying out of the circles yourself. Make use of all your cooldowns (get an absorb adrenal and medpac too, I use a Rakata). I personally like to use one cooldown after another on that boss as soon as they are available because he's so spikey. You also are lightly geared so Lost Island is going to be a challenge where you seem to be right now. You're un-Augmented and in mostly Columi, which makes it pretty hard. My shadow is in BH/Rakata and he still hits like a truck and the FP. You probably need some more heavily geared people to come with you to help carry you through this boss a little bit.

For the droid, if you die within seconds of the droid starting up Incinerate got off. I can't really imagine any other reason. He doesnt do that much damage at first that you can't deal with otherwise, whether you had heals on you or not.

Just get your gear up, get augments in, and do gear checks before each run. And run with a guild.
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Kabolt's Avatar

02.03.2013 , 06:28 PM | #4
I think you just need time and practice, I am a shadow tank and have been tanking LI for almost a year now.
It is never a good idea to blame others, when things go south, I am inclined to think the problem lie's with yourself.

The reason I say this is, if you wipe with one group, fare enough, but if you wipe with every group then you must look to yourself.

Your build is a little low for tier 2, and my advice try to get a hold of a shield amplification relic, EV drops a lot of them.
The shadow rotation is just as important as the build, not just for you, but for the rest of the group, since you are also healing them for 6%, also using guard can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Good luck,

Rahizm's Avatar

02.03.2013 , 07:53 PM | #5
Then how come I was able to survive the first 3 times I came around there?

I do avoid the yellow markers myself. And I have tanking experience from other MMO's, I'm just a new fifty on this character with the gear.

My stats are the following at the moment from the top of my head (I'm on an alt):

22,5k HP
5758 armor rating
38% dmg reduction
22% def chance
35.07% shield chance (55% with Kinetic Ward)
48.21% shield absorbtion

The above is with all class buffs.

On a side note: I never had to taunt as of yet, threat generation is no problem. I won't fully blame anyone. I'm questioning as to how I possibly could not survive anything or if I'm doing anything wrong. Actually it's me who's getting blamed for dying.

And yes I do receive that much damage if I'm hit.

EDIT: I've adjusted my gear list since I switched out 1 rakata relic for a war hero relic, also doubting if it's the right one (shrouded crusader). I actually looked around the forums more before I read all your posts in this topic. And isn't Lost Island MEANT for people with at least full columi (rating 136)?

And yeah, my bad for naming the guy. Removed it.

Vankris's Avatar

02.03.2013 , 08:14 PM | #6
the problem may not lie necessary with the healer, could be that the dps taking to much damage and the healer has to save them. Could be that the healer does not play well under stress. Could be that yourfault tooo, i don't know.

What i know is that shadow tanking is fine. I tank lost island in full tionese, not, partly but full tionese, so it's doable. I haven''t see you tanking so i can't tell where is the problem.

Make sure you keep your ward up, make sure you keep debuff un target up, use defnsive cooldown, interupt incinerate, if you miss, use resilience to dispell. don't stand in electric dome. don't stand on the fire. use harness shadow as often as you can.

If you do all that, then the problem may certainly lie elsewhere.
Shadow | Kinetic Combat

schnopsnosn's Avatar

02.03.2013 , 08:22 PM | #7
Well that Shaclaw is quite *****y at times.
There are days where I don't take any damage at all, the next day he hits me like a truck.

Eternalnight's Avatar

02.03.2013 , 10:10 PM | #8
If you die on Putrid Shaclaw you were most likely standing on the yellow circles that it puts on the ground.

Now, you may think that you were not standing on one, because you did not see one and therefore thought there was none, but if you died, you did stand on one, it just bugged out and was not visible.

You should always assume that there is a a yellow circle under you and keep moving every few seconds.

Just strafe left and move in a circle around it and keep moving like that.

ckoneful's Avatar

02.03.2013 , 10:29 PM | #9
Click on the guide in my signature for class specific information. You should NEVER augment for Shield, only Absorb/Defense.

For the first boss I've generally only died if the DPS don't kill the adds and they nuke me at the same time as the boss. I try to kill them myself immediately when I'm not in guild groups now.

Kabolt's Avatar

02.03.2013 , 11:02 PM | #10
Your stats are not too bad, with a strong group you will do better.

I don't want to get caught up in a stats for stats talk, but I'll just say this, your stats are progressing towards mine.
There are two schools of thought with regards to tanking, I will not say one is correct and the other wrong because it depends on the tank.

if you read this it will explain much better than I can;

Tier 2 - mostly or full Rakata - but augmented Columi is close enough.

I think the most important part of that fight is, that the DPS take out the adds asap, and that you move out of the circles before or as they appear, I watch the ground it turns dark at the start.

Try starting your fight with - Slow time > mind control > force breach > project, along with as you see fit, Saber strike and double strike, with kinetic throw every three stacks - whirling blow does not use any force so use it when low on force.

Personally I tend to just, spam force patency, kinetic ward and resilience.

Your impaired movement de-buffs are project, force speed and force of will.
There is a chance project will reset the slow time and force breach timers.

Your get me out of jail free cards are; deflection, battle readiness and force cloak.
Remember force cloak takes you out of combat, you can pop a second med pack or revive a dead medic.

I move him 90 deg away from the group, don't let any DPS or Healers stand in front of him.

Have fun, join a guild if you haven't and give it time.