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Makeb Expansion- new abilities discussion

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Makeb Expansion- new abilities discussion

verfallen's Avatar

02.03.2013 , 01:29 PM | #11
For madness - a talent that improves either death field or DoT damages on target under 30% health, and an AoE DoT.

For corruption : 50% critical healing bonus on dark heal to make its effect on Force Bending finally worth it, and a new top tier instant-heal about to the strenght of the current dark heal with a small cooldown and moderate force cost. Force Bending could affect it by increasing the ammount it heals by 20-30%.

Additionnaly a talent that helps with passive force management would be nice.

For lightning, a talent skiving off 0,5 sec of TB cast time, and for the ability something on a 90 sec cooldown that removes the cast time on LS for 6 seconds to help with mobility. Additionnaly, reduce the GCD by 0,5 sec on it while this ability is active.

EdouardHolyhawk's Avatar

02.03.2013 , 01:46 PM | #12
Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing a drop in the potency of Revivification, in exchange for an Innervate-like chain healing ability. Revivification just destroys effective HPS for sorc healers, as seen on numerous parses. Personally, I've been hovering between 30-40% overheals, with Revivification being 40-50% of my total healing done in any given boss fight. We already have chain lightning in the Lightning tree. Just fix a couple lines of code, and voila! Chain Heal. BioWare has already half-*****ed the corruption sorc as the "Shamans of SWTOR". Why not take it all the way?
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Sosajoshua's Avatar

02.04.2013 , 08:29 AM | #13
Lol not to shoot down some of what you guys are saying for ThunderSithGod trees but did someone say Lightning has burst!? Or they want a better burst!? ThunderingBlast is already an insta-crit when target has Affliction and ChainLightning is a burst that hits multiple targets correct? Also you want a lowered cast bar? The PvE set bonus can already give you increased alacrity after an Affliction crit. Sorry not trying to counteract your statements but these "new abilities" you want are already ingame if you look for them.

Now for madness (as I am one) Id love the AoE dot, especially for PvP. The paraticism for a raidgroup would be similar to Mara Bloodlust so thats fine. I would like if the paraticism got boosted a bit cause the "pocket health" is not really all that much coming from Affliction or CT.
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