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PvP / PvE armor question

iankalo's Avatar

02.01.2013 , 03:10 AM | #1
I`m a Jedi Guardian - DPS and Im newbie
I notice that all of my PvP War Hero stats are better than PvE gear.

Look at the picture:

PvP vs PvE armor

General Stats:
-Str +8
-End +23
-Exp +686

Melee Stats:
-Dmg +40
-Bonus Dmg +40,8
-Acc +0,8
-Crit -3,59
-Sur +0,31

Force Stats:
-Dmg +40,8
-Acc +0,8
-Crit -3,57
-Sur +0,31

So , my question is , should I go to Flashpoints / Story Mode with my PvP armor which stats are better or I should wear my PvE armor ?
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02.01.2013 , 04:48 AM | #2
What level of PvE gear do you have? (I'm guessing Tionese/51, due to the disparity in stats.)

And you can wear your PvP gear for doing some Flashpoints, but don't expect to be great all the time. Eventually you'll start getting better gear from Flashpoints or Operations and you'll start swapping out the PvP gear. Remember that PvP gear is itemised with Expertise in mind - a useless stat in PvE - and that can make PvP mods less then great for PvE content (compared to mods of around the same ilevel).

Also, your Crit Chance in your PvE gear looks really high.

Ridickilis's Avatar

02.01.2013 , 08:06 AM | #3
From what I understand war hero pvp gear is better than the first tier of pve gear Tioneese. But As the poster above me alluded to, you'll want to grind out the next tiers of pve gear if you want to do some of the more advanced pve content such as HM's and operations and such. I'm thinking you're good for story mode in your WH pvp gear.

I'm guessing you already used the free tioneese gear mission, but for anyone else who pvp's enough to have a full set of WH (or any alts you may roll in the future), I would use the free pve gear on your 'main' companion that you plan on doing dailies with.

Here is a thread you may find useful in the FP/operations and heroic's forum. No Country for PVP gear

ChicagoBearsFan's Avatar

02.01.2013 , 08:17 AM | #4
With WH as guardian DPS you should be just fine running all the tier 1 HM FPs. As a newb you really should run them in SM at least once so you are familiar with the bosses or better yet run the HMs with your guild or a guild member who can coach you. If you do go straight to HM PUGs please do the courtesy of letting the group know that you are new and want to learn. Be prepared for some possible rude people, but most will help you.

In WH PVP gear, please do not que for LI HM until you have full columi with augments or some Rakata. And you really should go with a guild or someone who can coach you for that FP as it is difficult for new people and requires specific mechanics for the boss fights.
SM ops you should be ok to run in WH as well. Make sure you NEED for your class drops that are an upgrade. Then save those BH coms and upgrade to BH ASAP. Switch mods over to other gear if you want to keep set bonus.
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