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What is up with the Laggin in Red Eclipse Server

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What is up with the Laggin in Red Eclipse Server

Necronomicanomic's Avatar

01.29.2013 , 09:53 AM | #1
The server lag is just going freaking everywhere, say from 120ms-over 2k+ like its a strobe light. I just think its crazy that you guys spend more time creating thing for the Cartel Market for people to spend way more money into the game than actually fixing or upgrading the server to handle the high loads of players into them. A good tip to whoever is creating or developing the game or maintaining this game, is to spend more time fixing the problems in the game instead of creating a lottery ingame card pack that you guys used to do in the battlefield series games. And the sad thing is, ever since I played this game, if I ever even contacted any of your games support via the telephone or in=game support it's like none of you guys know anything about this game at all. You say create an in-game ticket in the game, then the in-game ticket tells you to create another in=game ticket, then its a repeating process. Please fix this server or do something constructive for the players instead of greeding over new ways to rob loyal players in the game. Sure you can create terrific new ingame items, but whats the point of trying to use them in-game items if you cant play the game with all the lag spikes and dc's all the time. A good TIP for if any of a true Bioware developer even reads these posts is. LAG=Less customers and enrages customers to quit the game.