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Why is BW sitting on Paid Character Transfers?

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Why is BW sitting on Paid Character Transfers?

Rallock's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 02:29 AM | #401
Yep, supporting this big time. I really want my 50 assassin back. Why hasn't this been done yet? I mean seriously- Pls devs, just flip the damn switch.

kijthae's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 04:35 AM | #402
I can play $20 for a one time use legacy and all characters transfer from pvp server to rp server.

Zaknaffien's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 07:14 AM | #403
A bump for this thread also. I've posted a few different times on ways they could implement it to make it feasible for BW and the customer. I mean, hell, even TSW allows character transfers and that's been out less time than this game.
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hages's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 10:15 AM | #404
nothings as good as an cold cold beer...and swtor to play drunk

DarthCK's Avatar

01.30.2013 , 02:22 PM | #405
I post in these forums about this all time. I hit the official SWTOR twitter with a request about this everyday, and I don't even get a response. BW does NOT listen to their community. This is something that would make customers happy and put money in their pockets, but yet they still drag their feet.
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Graydon's Avatar

02.04.2013 , 08:28 AM | #406
2nd month into 2013.

Really curious what's the hold up?


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aaronbaron's Avatar

02.07.2013 , 12:09 PM | #407
We need this now. The coy responses aren't working anymore; need details.

Ocep's Avatar

02.07.2013 , 08:19 PM | #408
Another bump. I actually went out and got a pre-paid credit card today just to transfer two characters from The Ebon Hawk to Shadowlands.... hmmm. Previously I had left for several months because I got tired of waiting for a transfer service (paid). When I came back they had transferred my toons in consolidation moves. While this was free, it still didn't put my best toons on the same server. I re-subbed before Christmas hoping that Bioware had implemented many new features I would enjoy ALONG WITH PAID TRANSFERS! Nope... Getting seriously tired of waiting and thinking of dumping the game for a few more months maybe even for good. Paid character transfers should have been implemented a long time ago.

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SentinelDranoel's Avatar

02.07.2013 , 10:12 PM | #409
the time has come, combined legacy is the future. All my toons in one server must happen.
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Jadrian's Avatar

02.08.2013 , 01:43 AM | #410
Another one of those features I seriously need them to implement sooner then later...I moved servers recently since most of my friends no longer play the game anymore...would love to bring my 50s over so I don't have to llevel up every single class again on the new server...