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New crew skill-oriented story missions

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New crew skill-oriented story missions

Lanja's Avatar

01.24.2013 , 03:34 PM | #1
I would like to see story sequences available to people who max out a given crew skill.

Perhaps the head of your order (Jedi or Sith) needs a master artificer to develop a new variety of light saber emitter that will counter a new technological innovation the other faction has recently deployed, which temporarily disrupts the opponents light saber blade (i.e. after a number of key encounters that resulting in the quick and messy death of several senior members of your faction). Said master artificer would need to investigate the new technology, secure samples of the new enemy weapon to RE, go on missions to other planets to research a possible counter-tech, design an entirely new schematic, gather exotic materials for it, craft and test it, then bring it to the head of your faction so it can be broadly put into use (restoring previous equilibrium), and then (surprise) use it on a mission to take out the enemy genius that started this mess before they can cook up any more nasty surprises.

My main is a synthweaver and I could see a similar story thread being created for that route. Ditto for biomed (e.g. curing or creating a horrible plague). You might even require heroics involving folks with different crew skills to allow you to move your own story forward. For example, drawing on the idea above, artificers generally have archaeology and treasure hunting as their non-crafting skills. Clearly those would be used, but you might need to the help of a master investigator, slicer or diplomat to help you along the path to the creation of the new emitter.

ArenRakescar's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 06:20 AM | #2
Yep, something like this has also occurred to me as an idea for mini-content. Interactive trade skill missions where you have to accompany your companion (or vice versa).
  • The missions shouldn't be always available, but rather unlocked through a consumable item. (similar to the purple mission unlocks). Haven't figured out which would be the best way to distribute these consumables.
  • When you accept the mission, you are instantly transported to the location where the mission takes place - so these do not need to be located anywhere in the existing game world.
  • These missions should be heavily scripted with a few cut-scenes tossed in as well - not just regular quests.
  • The tricky bit comes in with the length of the mission eg. I probably do not want to spend 2 hours doing one of these.
  • Perhaps if the challenge is high enough, you can earn decent rewards for less time spent (like heroic space missions)