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Bubble spec and Full heals for Sorc

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Bubble spec and Full heals for Sorc

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01.21.2013 , 07:58 PM | #1
Can someone tell me what it is? As in exactly what points go where for each spec. I would like to try something different. Since the beginning I've been DPS. Thought I'd try something new. Right now I am 23/18. First match I thought it was boring. 2nd match was 10x better. Thanks!

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01.22.2013 , 04:44 PM | #2
Here's a DPS hybrid:

And a healing one:

With the heal hybrid get your Affliction on one target to begin with. Force Lightning is your main way of getting Lightning Effusion up as each tick can proc for it. That now lowers the cost of your main heals, Bubble, Resurgence and Innervate by half. Also, when you have 2 charges of Lightning Effusion up, it's nice to hit Recklessness and get two of your big heals off, Dark Infusion - you get two large crits at pretty much no cost, the first one especially if Resurgence is up.

You should really go for the 2 piece Columi bonus and get some WH armorings in there, as the 1.5 seconds off on Innervate really make the rotation flow more easily for the hybrid healer.

The dps hybrid is pretty self explanatory and has, in my opinion, no wasted points to get to everything you need. The heal hybrid has a couple of talents I'd rather not put points into, but they're well worth it.
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