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(Open RP) The last Weapons cache

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04.17.2012 , 08:41 PM | #1
Hello everyone this is an open RP or play-by-post story called the last weapon's cache

Background: During a routine mission on tatooine a patrol of republic soldiers found the last hidden weapon's cache the crew of the "Starblazer" left before they disappeared and this sends them on a quest to find the crew somewhere on tatooine


- Do not take control of someone's character without asking

- please stay on topic and within the bounds of the story and star wars lore

- If you wish to use a main character or minor character from The Old republic in one of your post be sure to ask me and make sure that if you do use them make sure that it abides by the rules and guidelines..

Thank you, Enjoy
The Skyblaster Legacy

From a certain point of view, everyone has good in them

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04.17.2012 , 08:45 PM | #2
Name Steven Larus
Species: Human
Date of Brith: unknown
Home planet: Coruscant
Weight 220 IB
Height 6'9 ft
Class/profession: Trooper
Advanced class: Vanguard
Armor: Standard republic special forces armor with red stripes and a robe hanging from waist
Weapons: (Fully Modified) E-1D Blaster rifle, Blaster pistol, thermal detonators
Misc.: Range Finder, wrist mounted harpoon cable, holo-com

"Squad hold up, there in the rocks it looks like a crate" Steven says to his squad

((NOTICE: all classes welcome))
The Skyblaster Legacy

From a certain point of view, everyone has good in them

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01.19.2013 , 02:34 AM | #3
[sorry for posting late. guess I'll use my sith.]

Kriegus sat against his speeder, His master had sent him to find a ship on the planet, he hated tatooine even more then tython, "Oh boy," His companion, a young Mirilan looked up, her shock collar evident, "what is it boss?" she asked quietly expecting to be shocked for speaking. "You'll never guess what I saw." She looked up at him, actually curious, "What?" "sand, sand, and even more sand." Kriegus said, as he grabbed the shock collars, 'leash' as he called it, "Now get that engine fixed. your wasting day light Ikinai, Or I'll have to use." He showed the 'leash' to Ikinai, she jumped back, expecting pain. Kriegus laughed as she did. "boss, your a very cruel and malevolent being." she grimaced as she got back to work. "Thank you Ikinai, I do try." he laughed as he sat watching the ever lasting dunes, looking for anything protruding from the surface.
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