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Why is BW sitting on Paid Character Transfers?

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Why is BW sitting on Paid Character Transfers?

Beechnutt's Avatar

01.07.2013 , 10:33 AM | #391
I also really want to consolidate my characters. If they do not allow us to do this then Legacy should at least take into account different servers.

Sotof's Avatar

01.07.2013 , 12:16 PM | #392
Quote: Originally Posted by Laris_Rai View Post
This will also lay the foundation for our new live character transfer system that will be coming later this year.

You didn't read the state of the game post very carefully, did you?
Amusing. You honestly believe Bioware will live up to that?

Graydon's Avatar

01.09.2013 , 08:49 AM | #393
So I am guessing that the option to purchase additional character slots is the first step towards server transfers?

Badvoodu's Avatar

01.13.2013 , 03:54 PM | #394
Totally agree, I would love to transfer my characters to a less populated server so I don't have to deal with the server being full (as is the case for me right this second). As a paid subscriber I hate when i can't play due to a server being full. I would much rather switch to somewhere less populated

Darth_Loof's Avatar

01.13.2013 , 04:02 PM | #395
Same here guys just want to consolidate all my characters on the same server. I don't understand the mechanism is technically already in place. Why not just charge a cpl of cartel coins and just turn on the switch already

MissCatieK's Avatar

01.18.2013 , 05:24 PM | #396
When I came back to SWTOR, I was defaulted into a PVP server. Which I didn't realize until later. Yes, I know, I should have been more observant, but whatever. I have a higher level (not capped) juggernaut on that server that I haven't touched because of griefers. No one bothered me too much until I got to Quesh and two lvl 50s were camping major lanes and medcenters, I literally couldn't play the game without getting ambushed. I now have two characters on a RP server that I play, but I would love to go back to my toons on the PVP server, if that whole incident on Quesh hadn't completely soured the experience for me.

I have no problem with PVP in warzones and the like, but when I literally can't play the game, whether it be side quests or class quests without getting hassled, it just gives me a bad experience and I don't want to go near it.

I don't care if its paid (just as long as its not some outrageous amount), I'd love to get the toons I play the most on the PVP server over onto the RP server, even if its one at a time. I want to continue playing them, but players on PVP servers tend to be ***** (not all, but you do get the occasional douchebag who can't resist playing "whose is bigger") .

That is all.

cach-x's Avatar

01.18.2013 , 06:01 PM | #397
Just bumping this up to show support. I hope this feature gets implemented soon (before RoTHC). I have a very lonely 50 on a euro server.

I also hope the transfer comes with a optional race/gender/name swap like... that other game. But maybe it's too much to ask?

RuckBodgers's Avatar

01.18.2013 , 10:33 PM | #398
I've already used character transfer when the servers were consolidated, so it does exist, as many already know. I can't unerstand why the Dev's have not made this feature a top priority. I stopped playing for several months simply because I could not transfer characters to a different server. It is getting to the point where I will stop playing altogether, again, but this time permanently. And taking my subscription payments with me.

Do you see this, Bioware? If you want to keep your loyal players(subscribers), you better make this a top priority. It's simple: The account selects which legacy is priimal and to which server it will be transferred to. Then any characters already on that server and that are not in that legacy, are added/reset to the primal legacy.

I'm tired of the developers obfuscating on this issue. Delay the expansion if you have to, but make this your top priority. The post from Dev's about how this is important and will be implemented "at some indeterminate time" are getting old. It's been over a year since the game was launched, and over 6 months since it imploded from dozens of servers to just a handfull.

GET IT DONE ALREADY. Listen to your customers, they are your only assets.

pooks's Avatar

01.18.2013 , 10:57 PM | #399
They are used to copying other games so since Guild Wars 2 just announced a character transfer system, maybe they will soon.
And I want it to be so we can change time zones and switch from pvp to pve.
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Semajoja's Avatar

01.18.2013 , 11:22 PM | #400
just bumping this for my vote on doing this. This is a cash cow just waiting to be milked.