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Meet the Developers: Rob Hinkle

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Meet the Developers: Rob Hinkle
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01.17.2013 , 03:43 PM | #1 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
Hello everyone,

Please discuss the Meet the Developers: Rob Hinkle blog in this thread!

If you have any questions for Rob, please ask them here. In the near future, we'll have some answers from him for you!
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01.17.2013 , 04:06 PM | #2
Good to meet you Rob!
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01.17.2013 , 04:10 PM | #3
Hello Rob.

As a question, Do you guys plan on adding any rare items with unique equips, cosmetic or otherwise? Similar to how the Dread Guard's Corrupted Mask protects from a unique ability.

Example of cosmetic: Completing the Revan set gives you his glow aura from his Balance of the Force in the Foundry that offers no stat bonus or advantage.

While others being like.

Legendary Nightmare Mode drop: [Lightsaber of Tulak Hord] (made up item of course) Equip: chance to curse the target dealing force damage over time. Which could be extracted via hilt mod?

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01.17.2013 , 04:23 PM | #4
nice info. would like to know how the various teams work together to make sure PvP doesnt trump PvE,. that seems to be the case for scrappers, which perform amazingly in PvP, but have been abandoned by the PvE crowd.

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01.17.2013 , 04:35 PM | #5
Hello Mr. Hinkle, since you mentioned you play a Lethality Sniper, I wonder if you have an answer to this.

One of the things that I find to be a problem currently is that if you have two Lethality Snipers in an Operation, they can consume each other's weakening blasts. This makes it a bit of a pain. Any plans of fixing this? Also, there seems to be issues with both AC's and Lingering Toxins causing players to still be in combat when they come back from death in both pve and pvp encounters.

Also, on the subject of combat logs, are there any plans on making them a bit more detailed for players? What we get in the chat window is very limited, and even what we get from uploading parses to web services seems a bit sparse compared to what I'm used to with other games. (I will admit this could also be the parser designer's fault, as I'm not really good and reading the raw logs myself)
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01.17.2013 , 04:38 PM | #6
If a video game was a board game, system designers write the rulebook.
The classes I spend the most time with are a Lethality Sniper and a Pyrotech Powertech
Ok. I see. So... Whose favorite is Rage Juggernaut? And... What's wrong with DD mercenaries?
Furthermore, I think Kashyyyk must be destroyed.

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01.17.2013 , 04:45 PM | #7
The classes I spend the most time with are a Lethality Sniper and a Pyrotech Powertech, with the Sniper being my “main.”
Empire player.........
Yeah he would never have said commando/mercenary. Because then we would know he would be aware of
the giant issue with those two AC beeing the worst AC classes in the game for almost a year.

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01.17.2013 , 05:05 PM | #8
calm, cool and collected ....
I have several characters and I pvp with all of them...sage/sorc lightning/telekintics spec is simply not competitive in pvp. I don't have logs or anything like that, all I can say is create one, use whatever gear you like that is available to the class log on a live server and play the class against equally gear people and tell me its balanced. play it one on one against your sniper or pyro if you like, let members of your team play it, see if they can make use of it outside of bubbling your team and stun knockbacks. its a very weak dps spec.

the game is pretty balanced I give your team that I just wanted to point out a error in one of your specs. have a good day.

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01.17.2013 , 05:34 PM | #9
Discovered the blog only today and realised it's an absolutely brilliant idea to share this kind of information with the game community. It was very nice to learn more about people who create the game, and more importantly, their philosophy and views on some questions.

Somehow it became even more enjoyable to play the game after reading about it's creators. =)

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01.17.2013 , 05:40 PM | #10
Hey Rob, thanks for sharing this stuff. Good insights for the uninitiated like me into how/why you guys do what you do. The PVP's fun, please keep up the goodness and variety.

It'd be appreciated if you guys considered the extinct species like Vanguard tanks and Commandos next time you're looking at PVP balance.

"The classes I spend the most time with are a Lethality Sniper and a Pyrotech Powertech, with the Sniper being my “main.”

I'll assume the Pyro is for days when you've read a lot of forum vitriol and want to melt us all