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MichaelFishy's Avatar

01.08.2013 , 03:10 PM | #1
So, i started up my knight a week or 2 back, and was F2P at the time, and stayed F2P untill level 14
im now really underleved, level 21 on nar shadda facing agent Galen
so what im asking is

1. how can i get back to a decent level for my story (yes i have done the majority of my side quests
2. How can i defeat agent Galen

swifferdude's Avatar

01.08.2013 , 03:13 PM | #2
try doing a couple fps and go back to taris and do a bunch of heroics again. buy a couple xp boosts off the gtn too to gain extra xp from the previous stated. The way you beat agent gallen is just to level up really, once your at level you should be fine. hope that helps
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MichaelFishy's Avatar

01.08.2013 , 03:15 PM | #3
about what level should i face him, 24?

planet_J's Avatar

01.08.2013 , 04:08 PM | #4
If you get the hang of pvp or like pvp you could level relatively quickly that way too
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Ryat's Avatar

01.08.2013 , 11:36 PM | #5
Space Missions help a lot as well.

Strainge's Avatar

01.12.2013 , 04:27 PM | #6
I would say your best bet is to buy flashpoint xp boosts off the gtn and pop 1 when you run your fp dailies. With group finder you can squeeze in 2 fp's on 1 minor boost, so its not too pricey. Also, in my opinion, cybertech is the best crafting bet for jk's. Since you get 2 comps so early + ship droid, you can level it quickly and always have at least prototype quality gear. Also, if you're a sentinel or guardian dps, cybertech allows you to craft prototype gear for t7, so you can have a great comp tank as you level.