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01.08.2013 , 12:58 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Banegio View Post
Different guild has different expectations of their members.

The alleged offending action appear to be trash talk and to some extend abusing other players not in guild.

So sounds like that bahaviour is against your guild's code of conduct. It is fair to remove from guild if the members have been communicated of the guild's expectation.

"trash talk"/"smack talk" are seen as normally sportmanship by some mmo community/guilds for their enjoying of the game.

I won't feel fair if my guild kick me out due to me not saying grace before a raid unless I was made known it is a catholic guild.
I was being kind in my description of this person. That and the fact that i would be banned from these forums (OK well i wouldn't be banned - just receive yet another infraction) so i kind of improved this person's behavior for the sake of this thread.
My time card ends on December 5th. I have no intent to subscribe, let alone play, after i have completed all 9 episodes of KotFE. Likely i will subscribe for a single month to finish off the ''season'', play what remains and then say good bye to SWTOR until the END of the next season. Enjoy Bioware!