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Just for fun: If each class had a third AC...

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Just for fun: If each class had a third AC...

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01.05.2013 , 03:42 AM | #21
Dude the same could be said about the class's that are suffuring in PvE because of PvP and true be told, THAT is not a excuse mmo's are always PvE focused games with PvP on the side as a destraction or a ulternative for those that don't have the time for end game content the fact that both sides are hurting is unforgiveable.
BW said it them selfs that if this issue were to come up they would make it the each skill would have a differant point value for PvE and PvP so then both sides would be fine and a nerf to one wouldn't effect the other.
That might be coming in the next patch which should also hold the expansion but since i can't find any info or patch notes i don't know if they have put it in but if they havn't then they really need to, I'm tired of my class and others being poor in PvE because they are good in PvP and vice versa this is just wrong i don't care if they think my class is uncool to other because we can gank from stealth, the people that we are fighting has eyes and brains they can learn to detect us and to predict when we are going to attack hell i did i on the first day of playing and you know what IT'S EASY.
The biggest hint i can give to mercs and ops at the moment is just addapt and group up at the moment since a ops CC with a mercs damage is just rage inducing for anyone attacked by the combo i should know i've had it happen to me but other then that not really much we can do at the moment for both PvE and PvP balance since BW refuse to do anything.