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Sith Inquisitor, light side and Silencer

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Sith Inquisitor, light side and Silencer

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12.22.2012 , 11:55 AM | #1
I write this post because I am disappointed. I have managed to play light side Sith to the very end of story without once feeling that I couldn't pick almost light side choice. I have gone with peaceful resolutions and talking. I haven't done single quest involving the ongoing war (the class quest doesn't really involve it).

Some choices I have had to little convince myself that the result wasn't that bad, for example (Class story, Nomar Organa):


Then there is the fact that I have had Ashara as active companion since acquired (
). She hasn't had problem with my light side sith and I have told her how I want different

I didn't finish the quest line, but I can't see any way how basically good person, who just tries to survive in "hostile" Empire, could go through with aforementioned.