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When I Wake

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12.13.2012 , 06:18 PM | #251
Quote: Originally Posted by MilaniGrey View Post
The sads hurt so good. D; You keep bringing me to tears and I'll be blowing my nose for weeks. *sniffle*

@Hoyden: Don't stop reading! I'd be so sad if you did!
I thought you'd like Skadge dying
I know. Blizz is adorable. How could she not love Blizz??


A little while later...

I stand in the doorway and watch her as she pretends I'm not there. She only continues to read.

'Easier to ignore someone when you're not on the same ship,' I suggest helpfully.

She doesn't reply. I don't move.

'Stop pretending I'm not here, Mako. Stop sulking like a spoilt child. All you ever do is whinge and wallow in self pity.' I put more venom into it then I feel. I don't really feel very much. It gets the right reaction.

'Fine! If I'm so intolerable I might as well leave.' She stands up angrily and starts packing her bag. She rants at me. There are tears falling down her face. I'm not moved.

'I was starting to think you were ok, but I guess I was wrong! When Braden first talked about you, I don't know what I expected. But you're a lot worse than whatever it was. Wish I'd never joined this stupid crew. No prize money was worth this.'

She keeps stalking around the room, throwing things into the bag. 'You don't care for anyone else, do you? You never loved Torian. You haven't even cried since he died. I might be a child, but at least I'm not a cold hearted wompa. You didn't deserve him.'

She tries to push past me. But I push back. I reach out and hold her throat and lift her easily off the ground.

I sneer in her face as one hand tries to unclasp mine from her neck as the other still holds her bag tight.

'I was going to let you leave here alive but know you've made me change my mind. Always were a stupid little girl. You. Don't. Know. Anything.' Each word is punctuated by a tighter squeeze.

'What I don't know- is- how he could- love- a thing like- you,' she breathes in between gasps.

'And I don't know how you could ever hope he would love someone as pathetic and weak as you. You really didn't know him.' She tries to speak more but can't and her legs uselessly flail.

'Good bye, Mako.'

I give one final squeeze and hear a small crack. I throw her against the wall and shut the door behind me. I'll deal with her body later.

I return to the **** pit. And I dock on the Tyrant.

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12.13.2012 , 06:33 PM | #252
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Mako D;
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"How dreadfully spooky." -- Vesaniae's Darth Nox

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12.13.2012 , 08:58 PM | #253
Mako just never knows when to shut her mouth does she? I'm amazed she's lived this long.
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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12.14.2012 , 06:32 PM | #254
*doo dee dum, Goes to catch up on some reading.....doo dee dum, Oh wow!! this Mandalorian interlude is awesome, so sweet!! I love it, look at them grow as a couple!! I love how BH is growing and finding purpose!! Dum deee dum dee dum,.....Torian dies........CRY ALL THE TEARS*

I think I re-read that line 10 times before it sunk in, hoping he would be saved like all the other times, and then he wasn't, and you made my heart hurt so much!! Masterfully written, to the point where I'm in just as much disbelief as your BH, I keep expecting him to come back....but he won't, and that makes it hurt even worse. Fyi, I'm watching Bleach for the first time, so I've been listening to Torian's voice almost daily for the last week, so yay, feels like it hurt even more, cause in my mind I'm going "Ichigo/Torian!! Noooooooooo*

On the up side, Hurray for dead Skadge and Mako!!

Seriously though, I'm gonna go watch some more Bleach now and listen to a still very alive Ichigo.

My emotions need a hug.....

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12.14.2012 , 08:16 PM | #255
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
Mako just never knows when to shut her mouth does she? I'm amazed she's lived this long.
I know. It really is. It would make no sense for my BH to keep her alive anymore.

@Earthmama: Thanks for the compliments you weaved in there
And isn't Ichigo technically dead since he's a shinigami?
But I'm glad you're enjoying it (in a way).

Also posted a little thing on Yours to Hold yesterday if anyone missed it.



I message Corridan. Ask if he's cleared off the planet. Replies that they're already on a ship to their next target.

Seems like everything's all clear.


No welcoming party this time.

I walk down the corridors unfettered. Some bow to me or salute. I ignore them. Ship looks good. Been repaired well. And there are more soldiers then I remember. When I reach the bridge, Tormen isn't there. I am given directions to his private quarters and told he would like me and the Chancellor to meet with him there.

I consent and keep the walls up in my mind. I don't want him to know I'm coming. If I can do this right, I'll get to destroy Corellia. If I do this wrong, I'll only get Tormen's head. And I always do things right.

My arrival is announced by a guard at the door and when I enter, I see Tormen standing with a Lieutenant in the middle of the room. Tormen isn't in his armour. He is dressed in formal Sith robes. I bite back a sneer. It will make my task easier. As he turns to face me, I throw up walls of satisfaction, lust and greed. Just like I was always taught. I hide my anger. I can't let him know what's coming.

I quickly take note of the rooms entry and exit points, the number of soldiers - fourteen - and the very large bed against one wall, half hidden by a curtain. A large window forms one wall opposite from the main entrance to the room.

I throw the Chancellor down at Tormen's feet.

'Here lies the ruler of the Republic. A ruined old man, crumpled at my feet.' He says with majestic melodrama. I only remain silent. I don't point out that I am the one that killed the Chancellor, not him.

Tormen dismisses the other soldiers with an order to remove the Chancellors body, leaving us alone. He turns away and walks to the large window. I follow him but stand slightly behind, only seen in his peripheral. It's not out of deference.

'Today, we have shaken the galaxy to its core,' Tormen begins. Surprised he's including the 'we'. 'All will know our names, and tremble.' Names? What name will the galaxy choose for me now? Know they won't choose the one love most. But I've chosen a new name for myself, courtesy of Torian. I like this one so very much. It really does sum everything up.

Tormen extends his arm and motions it to the vast galaxy before us and the battle that rages outside as he speaks. It is almost over and it is clear the Empire is the victor.

'Relish it. There will be other victories but none this sweet.'

I nod at his words. Yes. Nothing will be as sweet as putting a bullet through this man's head. I resist the urge to touch the lightsabers of the Supreme Guard that hang on my belt. I don't speak. I don't trust myself. This victory had been far from sweet. I settle for a leer.

'You are a valuable asset. Perhaps my most valuable. I will make good use of your talents when I take my place among the Dark Council.' There is something suggestive in his voice and looks, his yellow eyes that rove over my body before returning them to the ending battle. I hide my repulsion and keep my wall of lust and greed.

'Only if there's pay, Tormen. I'm not cheap,' I reply, taking small and cautious steps back.

'Do not fear, my Bounty Hunter. Working under me can be very rewarding.' The same suggestiveness lines his voice but he doesn't watch me as he speaks, his gaze is fixed on the planets beyond the glass that he will never be able to touch.

My turret comes out slowly, my thoughts and actions carefully constructed to not give him warning. The bolt hits his right shoulder, removing any ability to move his right arm without searing pain. He screams out in anger. He ignites his lightsaber and jumps toward me, awkwardly holding it in his left.

I ignite the ones at my belt and block his attacks easily. When there is an opening, I twist to the side and stab his bare back, the right point to paralyse his legs. I spin to face his front as he falls to the ground. I cut off his empty hands. Even kneeling a Sith is dangerous.

I reach down and pull him to his immobilized feet, my hand at his neck.

'I am my own woman, Tormen. I am not your asset. I am not your Bounty Hunter. I am not your anything.' I drive the lightsaber into his genitals. I pull his face down to mine and whisper in his ear.

'And this is for Torian.'

I snap his neck like a large red twig. It felt good. Very good. Still as quick as the old days. Still as strong as the old days. Only wish Torian were here to see me do this. Though I know he wouldn't approve of shooting a man in the back - even if it was a man like Tormen.

I go to the intercom and call the bridge. I order an assault on Coronet City. The fleet captain questions my authority. I inform him I'm Torman's partner and bounty hunter and remind him that following the path of the old Captain isn't a wise career move. He is eager to follow my orders.

As the Sith fleet turns their attack to the planet in orbit, the Republic takes their chance and makes large strokes against the Empire's fleet, a final stand. I don't watch the destruction of the insidious city. I don't have time. I only console myself that everything went as well as it could. And I will finally be free of it.

I enter my own ship and leave. I leave a burning Corellia behind me. I don't look back.

'Not the end yet, Cyare.'



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12.14.2012 , 08:48 PM | #256
eeeeeee. Tormen deserved it
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"How dreadfully spooky." -- Vesaniae's Darth Nox

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12.15.2012 , 09:25 AM | #257
The End...well, not the end for her, because, as you say, much to resolve one way or another, but that was quite a ride. Congrats on creating a truly interesting character who is sympathetic and yet rarely what we would consider good. I love anti-heroes

My heart hurts a bit, even still, looking back over their relationship, the way it built and became something real and good. I hurt for her because she never gets nice things. Not to keep.
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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12.15.2012 , 10:38 AM | #258
Bravo! Have loved this story from beginning to end!

(also as for Bleach, I'm just at the very beginning of the series, the dude still has a human body he jumps in and out alive as of where I am in that story.)

I look forward to following your BH on her future rampages. Well done!

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12.16.2012 , 02:06 AM | #259
I'm already following your bounty hunter for a while now, but I never had the courage to post. But finally I decided to reply. Your story is great. The emotions of your bounty hunter go straight to the heart. And I love the way how the same event feels so different from another point of view.

And yahoo! Skadge went through the airlock as a dead corpse. This moment made me happy And for Mako... well, she really called for it. (You never mentioned 2V, if I remember correctly. Did your bounty hunter blast him into pieces before he arrived on Taris?)

I'm already very curious what your bounty hunter will do next.

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12.16.2012 , 08:33 AM | #260
I want to reply now too.

Your story has been great to read. I personally think your BH is horrible, though I can sympathize with how she got that way. I'm just hoping she's on the losing end of her confrontation with havoc squad. Although I guess that's not fair- I don't know the havoc quad of your universe, they could be awful people too. Can't wait to find out!