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Fix Dreadtooth "Dread" Debuff

Luckygunslinger's Avatar

11.16.2012 , 07:40 PM | #1
The new worldboss Dreadtooth has one feature which is getting annoying, not because of the debuff itself but because it's easy to get it. When an ops group is stacking up about to take on Dreadtooth, it's easy for one of the near 100 Pubs or Imps to run along solo and draw his Aggro, immediately giving the group the Debuff and the group is waiting 5 minutes for it to go away. It prolongs the waiting and is a pain to get instantly killed by him. It's happened maybe three times tonight because he patrols through two gateways used by people to go to the HK-51 quest.
Some fixing of the Debuff would be much appreciated.

Silvers's Avatar

12.10.2012 , 10:57 PM | #2
This does seem a bit troublesome indeed. Wouldn't it be better if when the fight begins the first Ops group that attacks Dreadtooth are unable to get the debuff? So if you're 8 manning or 16 manning, start the fight and instantly those in the Ops group wont get the debuff unless they die and run back in. Any others that run in and attack Dreadtooth are immediately attacked and with his large knockback and the Ops team that initiated the combat are unaffected? Then if that same player runs back in again their vision starts to swim and darken due to the 'dread' that is permeating from Dreadtooth. If they continue forward they black out and wake up back at the base?

Just my thoughts on it...
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12.11.2012 , 01:05 AM | #3
Griefing aside, we we're well in range of him during several pulls and random people still getting debuff.

Its like a damn catch 22, its there to help offset griefing (whole long issue with that) and it can naturally screw you too be it lag or whatever, Just make the mechanic have the buff go out to the raid group say if tank leaps to pull or saber toss whatever, immediately place the good debuff on everyone in his/her raid period to initiate the fight, and anyone not in the relative range gets the negative debuff and instakilled.

Or just make it a zone in instance...