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Healer vs DPS vs Tank

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Healer vs DPS vs Tank

Darth_Dynas's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 12:28 PM | #1
Hi folks,

Can someone explain the pyramid? I've seen it posted on here before that a DPS shouldn't be able to beat a healer 1 on 1. I completely disagree with that, but i wouldnt' mind someone with more experiences in MMO explaining it out a bit.

In my opinion - if a healer is caught on their own un protected a dps should be able to tear it to pieces. As it is, i'm in warhero with a bit of battle master gear, and i've sat there for minutes watching the live go down, and back up and down and back up until finally they take the time to call for help and i get pounched on by 2 guys.

I can see a dps not being able to kill a tank (with damage midagation) with a healer on them. But a healer straight up?