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The Importance of Player Feedback with the New Free-to-Play Option

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The Importance of Player Feedback with the New Free-to-Play Option
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12.09.2012 , 10:28 AM | #271
Im really glad they have listen and are improving on some things, dont get me wrong the new changes sound great but as a sub I dont see much for me to improve my exprence. I really think we need more servers to handle the load of new players and reduce lag over all. Think you ducking out now before someone throws a pineapple at my head.

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12.09.2012 , 10:50 AM | #272
Quote: Originally Posted by Darthvokur View Post
Maybe I'm being dumb, but what on Earth does this mean?
Subs get to have all 50 character slots, F2P limited to 6. LOL ***.

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12.09.2012 , 01:20 PM | #273
My only major concern with F2P is what is being done to prevent advertisement-bots like the ones from MMOWIN.COM from making a bunch of F2P bots and spamming gen-chat with their advertisements. Of coarse I always "report spam" and "ignore" and encourage others to do the same, but player apathy or worse game administrators apathy usually lets these bots ruin the chat channels to the point that people turn them off and no one is able to talk to the general playing community. This is one reason I left other MMOs like WoW. Granted this hasn't been that big a problem on this game yet, but if you don't stop this crap early then the problem will grow out of control.

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12.09.2012 , 04:23 PM | #274
As a Subscribing player and Guild leader of a guild that openly welcomes F2P players to mix and mingle with our Subscribing players some issues that have been brought to me i feel need to be addressed to keep some of these F2P players playing the game until cap.

To me the entire benifit of F2P is having more people at end game to fill Group Finder quests and Warzones to lower queue times for Subscribers keeping them interested and Subscribing. The things that need to change to keep this a reality are:

1) Open up SM EV and KP ... once a week in GF with no pass required

2) change the -25% exp to -10% exp 25% is too much and alot of people are leaving at lvl 10-15 range because they are getting slaughtered because they are so far under level of the quests. And alot of them have complained that its too grind heavy becaue they have to sit there and grind kills in order to stay at level for quests.

3) Allow them to wear non raid purples ... or make a paid unlock per character for it at least ... they need the gear more if they have less experience.

these get fixed and you have a perfect F2P system.
[])])])])])])[]]██████████████████████FYI ..I hate WoW... because its gameplay sucks... no other reason.

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12.09.2012 , 04:53 PM | #275
Increasing quickslots from 2 to 4 for preferred players was a big deal for me. I can start playing it now.
I should probably be working...

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12.09.2012 , 04:57 PM | #276
Quote: Originally Posted by CourtneyWoods View Post
Hello everyone,

Please discuss the The Importance of Player Feedback with the New Free-to-Play Option blog in this thread!
The problem is in your phrasing, why is player feedback in relation to free to play important? Why was feedback through beta and on test server not deemed as important?

Why was the question not simply "the importance of player feedback"? At a stroke you are indicating you are focusing and listening only to a very small part of the game.

Galentor's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 05:12 PM | #277
Quote: Originally Posted by WillCaedes View Post
Your feedback request and how "important" it is, is a flipping joke. You really expect us to take you seriously after 1.4 bugs? Not to mention 1.5 bugs... if your listening, you sure as hell aren't showing your paying attention.
I hope you won't stay subbed for much longer as players like you is something TOR doesn't need. I am sure you won't be missed either

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12.09.2012 , 05:48 PM | #278
To repeat and sum up some what others have said, because despite (some of) these things being promised nearly a year ago and/or being request for nearly a year or so, nothing happens.
Except some random posts (this isn't the first one) where you ask feedback and explain to us how important it is.
(Yes, the +4 character slots for F2P is great. Someone actually reads these forums? Woah!)
Oh don't worry, I'll even toss something of my own into the mix.

1) Speech Bubbles.
When you were creating SWTOR, you kind of let us believe it would be a different MMO+RPG.
Instead you've just made it yet another MMOPVP, haven't you?
Oh yes, "but the storylines" you say? Well, all right, it's a good MMOPVP with KotOR'sque single player storylines.
You have ANY idea what the lack of speech bubbles is doing to other aspects of the game?
( If you had read this thread, you should have. There was a very good post with links about the topic. )
...And any idea what it does to RP? Sheesh.
And these have been promised & waited. Where are they?

2) Need more character slots, +4 ?
The Storylines, that I already mentioned above? Well there's 8 classes, each with their own storyline. Since day one some of have pointed out that you get different dialogue, and future dialogue options, depending if you take Light or Dark side answers & points.
So to enjoy ALL EIGHT storylines as BOTH Light and Dark, we would need 16 characters.
And because of Legacy and/of crafting profession reasons, I see no point in dividing these into multiple servers.
Just let us enjoy all the story content & dialogue on one server so we can also enjoy our Legacy perks etc while doing so?

3) It was poor design that the bars that disappeared (I let my sub run out so I could test F2P too, and then re-subbed) ...even when I got them back, they had lost all their configurations. The bother of going through my abilities and powers and verifying that I had all of my gathered abilities there and then re-placing them in a good order, not nice. Make sure that the bars - 5th & 6th in the future - even if disabled (when the sub runs out and no Cartel Unlock has been made), do NOT lose their buttons & order. Please? Thank you.

4) Carbonite!
Come on, we have a silly novelty carbonite block thing.
What about a genuine possibility to put your character in carbonite (save the character as it is, gear and key configurations and all, but remove it from being a playable character) ?
If you can't give us the +4 slots to make 12 into 16 (see #2), then at least give us 4+ Carbonite Freezers, yess?

Tip 1: Make sure you need a [Hutt Carbonite Freezing Services Ticket] to access the area where this freezing will need to be done. This should be purchaseable from the Cartel Market, and tradeable.
(As long as someone pays for it, it's all good?)

Tip 2: The freezing process. A character can only freeze him/her-self. You need to be in possession of the ticket to enter the area, and of course when you use the service - at which point it will be removed from your inventory and you will be disconnected. The character will instantly be carbonited and preserved for future use. (Imagine you have a level 50 something and need more room for another alt, want to try something else, etc?)
The price? A lot, of course. But not too much. Make sure you can pay it in Game Credits (forming a "money sink", because all MMOs need a few of those, right?) and/or by Cartel Coins (because you want to get our real money for Cartel Coins, right?). It should be a win-win service.

Tip 3: The thawing process. Another character goes into the area must be in possession of the above-described [ticket], to enter the area first and then also to use the Thawing Process - at which point the ticket will be consumed.
So you need a character at level X to be able to enter the Thawing Area (and have a ticket) to Thaw a Carbonited character out. (Hey, you can't thaw yourself, can you?)
The cost? Again alot, of course. But not too much please. And once again as per same logic as above, probably wisest that you could pay for this in game-credits (the money sink) and/or cartel coins.

All of this would even allow "preferred status" or F2P gamers kind of enjoy "more characters" than the limit of 2 or 6. Even if they can only have less active at the same time, etc. Not to mention the credit sink and/or cartel coin sink functionality.
As the inventor / proposer of this idea I welcome a special item in my mailbox that is a [Reusable Hutt Carbonite Freezing Services Ticket] and goes to my "mission items" inventory and saves me the other of buying that ticket every time I want to freeze / thaw someone. The general price for the ticket could be so that it forms about half of the freezeing / thawing price, I don' t know?

5) Please allow us to sort the characters in our character list, change the order - or then make it automagically so that the last played character ALWAYS goes to the top, and when you play something else the other characters "slide down" a notch. At the moment there seems to be a random order completely unrelated to alphabetical order, order of creation, or order of last-played - except the one last played char that is at the top on first page. Pfft.

6a) Reply. When I press R to reply to [Friend], it shows that I'm typing to Friend. So I type. During my typing a [Stranger] whispers me. On my input line, it still shows [Friend] as the target, so I finish up my typing. But when I press enter, somehow because it's a [r]eply, it actually goes to [Stranger] instead!
This is dangerous, undocumented, there's no warning and no indication and yet it's an easily replicable BUG.
Please fix. Asap.

6b) R + Tab, would be nice if we could scroll the last 5ish people who have whispered us with tab, makes things faster and easier. Sure we could click their names on the chat but using mouse in turns with keyboard isn't ergonomical.

I'm sure I forgot to mention something but I can add more later. Cheers.

Dreamkeeper's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 06:21 PM | #279
Quote: Originally Posted by Slurmez View Post
The problem is in your phrasing, why is player feedback in relation to free to play important? Why was feedback through beta and on test server not deemed as important?

Why was the question not simply "the importance of player feedback"? At a stroke you are indicating you are focusing and listening only to a very small part of the game.
+1, good and valid questions and points.

Quote: Originally Posted by Galentor View Post
I hope you won't stay subbed for much longer as players like you is something TOR doesn't need. I am sure you won't be missed either
What exactly is wrong in pointing out that we have PTR realms, where players test the gameplay and report bugs and then even if some things are changed (in terms of gameplay / balance), the actual BUGS aren't fixed or addressed when the patch is applied to live servers?
In your words: I hope players like you who can't tolerate valid and due feedback to something they seem to be a huge fan of, stop playing soon. You won't be missed. We'd rather have players who at least try to influence the quality of the game rather than just support a saga or a publisher no matter the obvious flaws. ;-P

Jrea's Avatar

12.10.2012 , 12:44 AM | #280
I use to give lots of feed back, so did a lot of other people. It never actually got anything accomplished. All we get back for it is rehearsed responses and unfixed bugs.

People aren't going to make the time and the effort to let you guys know whats going on if its not going to accomplish anything. I don't know what EA's policies are but you guys can't ask for us to take the time to communicate when all the focus is going to "possible" bad press and pisssy shareholders.

Even if You guys cant fix a problem at least let us know why. The gaming community is a lot more understanding than they give us credit for.

Fix the problems, let us know whats going on, and we will start doing the same for you again.