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Inquisitor sorcerer Class balance

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Inquisitor sorcerer Class balance

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12.09.2012 , 04:41 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by wwkingms View Post
So we can kite one target we're just fine in PvP? Lol please kids.
If any 2 targets get on us we're chain rooted/stunned into the ground and usually dropped in about 6 seconds if we can't run.
And wo we kite someone.. we can't do too much dmg while running... And while kiting we're offering no help to a team in PvP.
3 of the most powerful classes in the game, jugg/mara/assasin, have great escape abilities and defensive cooldowns... Sorcs.. the squishiest class has none....
If I outskill my melee opponent in wh gear and kite perfectly it would take me almost a minute to kill them.. whereas them having full melee range uptime on me I'd be killed in about 10 seconds... Sorcs need to be able to put out dangerous amounts of burst when we do get that distance for a short time.

So all u stooges can say we're fine due to our ability to kite ONE PERSON.. but while kiting our dps, heals and overall usefullness to the team disappears..

Sorcs need ranged burst equivolent to snipers
I have never at any point in this thread said that sages are "fine". All I have said is that we are meant to kite, which we are supposed to and can do. What I did say was our damage is sustained and not bursty enough on fob.

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12.09.2012 , 04:44 AM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Chocobo_Kramer View Post
To the guy who whined about "effective damage."you are bad. The other team had three healers and I had the most kills on the team by far and killing blows. L2P.

Now, to the guy I quoted.. My stats are roughly the same as yours. I use kind of an oddball rotation and switch targets a lot based on which of my teammates need help burning someone down. And in one vs. one, I do quite well. Idk how to explain it. I just play based off the situation. My tele throw hits between 1275 and 1350 on crits. I also have
1300+ Expertise and close to 2000 Willpower. The best thing to do is generate as much dps as possible to ramp up the self healing armor so that when a mara/melee attacks you, you can dispatch them with ease.
I play the same way in balance - dots and fob to increase the damage, i dot really use project much at all anymore, I find this uses far too much force in this spec where force issues are a problem. Still only managed 760k but again that was when other team had alot of heals.

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12.09.2012 , 04:48 AM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by fungihoujo View Post
I can jump on any melee class and keep you from kiting me in this game- and easily at that.

You're right, it isn't rocket science- the lack of ability to perma snare and no baseline root. You don't have snares, roots, mezzes and stuns- do you even play this class? You can at most have ONE root, ONE instant snare that is half the duration of its CD, ONE mez that can be made instant- one stun with the potential now of a bubble stun that'll be nerfed. This all puts us below what most classes can do.

The bubble protects from an average of one crit- many crits now can do up to 3-4k damage on top of popping it.

If you compare what we have for kiting versus what other classes have for anti kiting- we come up short.

Our damage is short, we've no defensives, our ability to handle objectives is weak, we have no extra CC avoidance beyond healers getting root protection on their speed. We're losing our group utility when they take away the stun bubble, we have no mobile casting, we're easy to purge and nullify what little damage we can do, we can't pressure healers, we aren't clearing nodes/doors before people respawn.

You seem to think we have something unique and valuable for pvp because we're able to run away and hide behind pillars? You sound like a fantastic player- anyone can hide behind a pillar, I can hide behind a pillar as a marauder- but I can also run into a group of two, kill them without letting them heal, take their node before they respawn and slaughter them as they arrive on speeders back to the node. I can also proc combo a defender in seconds as a PT. I can mez someone and stealth cap, or just kill them outright on a sin, then stealth protect the node for half a minute without even really engaging in combat- giving my team lots of time to back me up.

But you can hide behind a pillar- so, when you get stunned or mezzed back there, and someone starts to cap on the other side of the node- do you ever feel like an idiot for being so far from the objective that you cannot get off an interrupting cast even if you CC break because you'll easily be stunned again? What do you do in the WZ that don't have easy hump pillars near objectives? Do you just not play near the objectives and say 'well I survived, I'm gooood'?

Are you one of those sorcs that plays in the middle of nowhere and runs at the first sign of trouble rather than trying to help your team?
I find your assumptions amusing. Really? This is your argument?

How many mezz, stuns, roots do you need to keep one melee at bay? Jesus.

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12.09.2012 , 05:58 AM | #44
Quote: Originally Posted by PloGreen View Post
I find your assumptions amusing. Really? This is your argument?

How many mezz, stuns, roots do you need to keep one melee at bay? Jesus.
How many roots, leaps, stuns, mezzes do you need to keep one ranged in melee? Jesus.

Where's your argument exactly?

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12.09.2012 , 06:24 AM | #45
You guys really need to stop nagging about survivability and lack of defensive CD'es. Do you really want to be stuck with another ability that brings nothing to the team? Because that's probably what it's going to be like. We have to settle with some silly 1 minute defensive CD, despite that we pretty much need it in every encounter (to be able to dps in full, surviving alone is not a problem's just that running isnt killing anyone) , all while the burst and crappy force management for balance/madness stays the same. They should just give us the pre-1.2 tools, it would have been far from OP in the current enviroment.

Speaking of force management, it makes little to no sense that balance/madness, which are supposed to kite, can't use project/shock on every CD without running out of force in 60 secs.

A fair trade would be to get rid of the bubble stun, when thrown on other people, for a 15-20 % damage buff across the board and the force costs cut in half. The key is to buff existing and passive abilites. We don't need more button mashing.

Oh well, we'll see if they have any surprises in store for 1.6. I can live with "no changes" but if they're getting rid of the bubble stun without any form of compensation they're losing atleast one sub.

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12.10.2012 , 10:29 AM | #46
Quote: Originally Posted by wwkingms View Post
his mains are a marauder and powertech LOL

yea man im sure u like sorcs just as they are
He only have OP pvp classes...And Powertech is stupidly OP, what the hell BW was thinking when made the class ? As a Sorcerer its almost impossible defeat a Powertech..

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12.12.2012 , 10:44 AM | #47
I dont see it fair what as a light armor DPS class with full warhero gear can be killed with one stun,flsh duration. I have resived over 10k hits from ranged and melee. The greated hit I have been able to do is 3k. Even the sorceres would have 4 cc:more its not balanced. At least TB should do 4-5k with longed cd maybe. I have played almost all the classes and most of them do much better with blue gear. PvP is all about burst damage. Maybe Sorcerer would be better if they would give us the real BG:s like 64 players.

And I dont understand you mainstream wow players who support everything blizz does I think the whole resilience/expertice stat is needed. 10-49 wz is 100 times more fun. And also they should have ranked wz as simply cant join as group.

PS: e.g today I resiver hits from silgle smugler 5k + 4k +4k combo... Thats really fair...
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