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PvP Pre-50 Newbie Tips

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PvP Pre-50 Newbie Tips

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12.06.2012 , 08:52 AM | #1
This is intended for PVP in the pre50 bracket. I will not be discussing gearing up etc. here.
This is intended for people who don't really know what PvP is all about but WANT to learn.
This is NOT intended for "veterans" who want to complain or be rude to new players.

That being said; I am writing this guide because while I was leveling my 4th alt, I decided I wanted to do this mainly through PvP. I also bought the PvP legacy XP bonuses to make it more viable. It is however not as smooth as it can be.

There seems to be a lot of hostility in the low bracket. There are basically 2 types of people who play in this pre-50 bracket.

1. The player who has no idea what he is doing. He probably clicked the "Join queue" button out of boredom or curiosity. These players also tend to be lower lvl, even as low as lvl 10.

2. The player who considers himself informed enough to be able to play a warzone in a way that will lead to a victory.

Problem is; when these 2 types of players are matched together, it usually gets ugly. Player number 2 usually gets annoyed by the inexperience of player 1 and 9 out of 10 times this is not followed by advice or tips, but usually by "Noob!! ****!!".
Even if they decide not to resort to cursing right away, it usually still amounts to some "not so nice advice" which the inexperienced player doesn't even understand.

So I decided to write a little guide with some tips that will help newbie (note: newbie as in new to WZs, not noobs) understand what is going on, help them win the match and make the pre 50 bracket overall more pleasant.
That being said, there will always be those who think it is their "right" to play however they want, no matter what the conditions for winning. Likewise there will also be people who will feel it is their "right" to curse at anyone who doesn't do what they say. They are beyond help anyway.

1. Terminology

This is very important. It is all about what is called what. Whether Bioware named it this way or the pvp community itself made up words.
The biggest issue here is usually the "east/west" "snow/grass" "left/right" discussion. When shouting for someone to go left, it would be nice to point out "which" left you mean, i.e. the minimap, the direction you see from where you spawn. etc.
Even though this may seem logical too many people, in practice it leads to a lot of issues and cursing. Now I don't wan to start yet another thread of which of these is right. I am simply stating that adding all the info needed will take 2 more secs of typing and everyone will understand. for example saying "Go west! The grass side" leaves nothing to interpetation.
Eventually you will get the hang of all the terms thrown out there, but asking and/or explaining will do a lot for you in the beginning.

2. Power

I do not mean the stat With power I mean your relative power. While it is true that everyone gets the lvl 49 boost, there is still a huge difference between the skills/gear/stats of a lvl 10 char. vs a lvl 48 char.
This does not matter a whole lot as long as you understand this. If you decide you want to start PvP right away, because you like it, good for you!
However you have to be aware of this power difference and act accordingly. A lvl 10 character carrying the ball in Huttbal is way more likely to be burned down in no time than a lvl 40 character. Common sense comes into play here. Don't grab the ball and try to run to the goalline...set up a pass, or don't grab it at all and run support for another character.

3. Medals

For some reason, a lot of new players do not know or understand the medal system.
8 medals is your cap! You are able to get a lot more, but in terms of valor and commendations, everything past 8 is worthless.
Also if you focus on the TEAM WIN, the medals will come automatically. For example the medals rewarded to everyone on the winning team for speed.
New people tend to think that getting the medals is goal number 1 and winning is 2. Because if you lose you also want to have those medals don't you? This kind of thinking is just plain wrong.
Trying to win, by following the objectives and supporting other team members will earn you a lot more medals in the long run. Ok you won't be that 18 medals player that is on top of the list every time. But there is no point to that anyway since it caps at 8.

4. Objectives

People who want to win have to realize that team/map objectives are more important than personal goals in every WZ in this game. If you prefer deathmatches that is your right, however that is not how warzones are desgined in SW:TOR.
Every map has a clear objective and these are what you have to go for if you want to get the win. Capping a point while you already have 2 out of 3, is not objective based playing. If you need 2 out of 3 and you have those, defend those! Personal damage/healing/etc. objectives will come anyway when you are doing the map objectives.

These are just some of the main points I think can be a big help to new players entering the warzones. Ofcourse there are a lot more things you can point out but these are the main things I see that go wrong almost every single game pre-50.

I will also add some smaller tips relating to specific warzones. These are also the main things I see go wrong in the pre-50 bracket.


- Focus on the ball (carrier). Leave those random 1v1 fights and support the person carrying the ball, by either keeping attackers away or lining up for a pass. The other way around is the same, fight the person with ball or the ones supporting him.
- DO NOT, never ever! stand on the ledge in front of your own goalline when the opponent has the ball in your pit. This makes you an easy jump target and usually leads to a goal and a lot of cursing from your own team.
- Don't run through the fire or poison hazards. This may seem logical, yet there are a lot of people who think that running through it is less dangerous than waiting for it.

Alderaan Civil War / Novare Coast:

- Try to grab and hold 2 nodes. 3 is almost never a good idea. Also the travel times between the 2 outer ones is longer than the middle and one outer one. So ideally you want Middle (Mid) and one other one.
- Call INC (incoming) when you SEE your opponents, not when you're fighting/almost dead. This gives your team a chance to send reinforcements in time and not after you lost your node.
- Fight on the platforms and always watch your node for a ninja-cap. Often people will chase an attacker and then a stealthed opponent will cap with you not there anymore.


- Same with Novare Coast and Alderaan, call INC in time (when you SEE your attacker). If you are dead and you shout, the opponent will have had enough time to plant the bomb.
- Don't let yourself get lured away from the doors. Always fight in front of them to avoid ninja-caps.
- Once a door is blown up, quickly move on, don't try to finish your random fights. The next node is your main priority and you should get there asap!


- Play for the win! Objectives > personal achievement.
- Consider your relative power. Lvl 10 un-geared is not the best ball-carrier.
- ASK QUESTIONS. Don't understand what that guy shouting at you wants? Ask!
- Medals cap at 8! If you have 8 medals, that's the max valor and commendations you will get that match. 8 medals are obtained almost automatically on a win, so don't worry about them.
- Having fun is ofcourse what you're there for. But it is an objective based pvp game. Not a "fight where you want, who you want" type of free-for-all.
- Healers should be target number 1! This is the same in every game out there in PvP.

Ok, these are my thoughts. I think if newbies try to at least do some/most of the things I mentioned, pre-50 pvp will be a lot more enjoyable for everyone. I'm open to suggestions, as I'm sure I missed some things. However, I didn't make this thread so that we can all talk about how much we hate when these things go wrong, or how you "will do whatever you want".

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12.06.2012 , 08:52 AM | #2