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how do you fire the photon torpedoes in ship missions?

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how do you fire the photon torpedoes in ship missions?

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04.30.2012 , 08:44 PM | #51
[It's literally impossible to complete Clouds of Vondoru with Proton Torpedo equipped.[/QUOTE]

Jeebeez people.

I never used them, mostly because they are not necessary to complete anything. Came here to read strats on what people do with them because I was going to try them. This place is a veritable warehouse of misinformation. LOL

I just equipped them and ran Clouds about 6 times. Everything worked fine.

Here's a quick strat for the encounter.

First of all the ship is pretty much flying itself so think like a gunner, not a pilot. The flight limitations just provide a field of fire.

Stay on your gun button the entire time unless you have a chance to go to shields as you swing out from the capitol ship and prepare for another pass. If you are full grade five, you really don't need the shields.

Fire guns AND a missile at every fighter to take them out quick. Do this by holding down the right mouse button and "sweeping" across the targets as you fire guns at them and then releasing the right mouse button. Never hold on a target trying to lock onto it. Sweeping is much faster and missiles will lock automatically.

Targets that you can fire the proton on will show a red x in the retical. It will change when the torpedo is ready to fire. You have to be steady and stay on the target until it is ready. Your Proton and missiles will fire fine. The proton has no affect on their function at all ( I think the guy that said they were not working just needed to give them a few seconds to reload, because if you lose your target or flinch on the mouse button you will fire missiles and empty the magazine).


When you first start go right to guns and never let off. There are two waves of two fighters that will come in with the first frigate group as you approach. The first will appear almost at the nose of the capitol ship. Take them out right away then focus only on the guns of the first frigate with your guns (use missiles to catch up).

As that one goes by the second fighter wave will be coming in over the top of the lead boat. Focus fire on the second wave of fighters and then back to the two other frigates. Do not waste amo on anything except their guns. You want to limit incoming damage as well as build score and they go down in about a second or two. If you take advantage of all presented targets of opportunity, you will rack up 1/3 of the 75 kills before you ever clear that first wave.

The first frigate will come back in on you from behind. Ignore it and take out fighters and capitol ship turrets until it is just about above you. Watch for the smaller command ship and hit the emp and fire four missles at it just as it appears (remember, guns still blazing). It will go down quick and easy. Once that is done clean up any fighters and use proton on the bridge of the capitol ship, then one shield generator (closest one), while sweeping the capitol ship turrets with your guns and taking out fighters as they appear.

There will be two frigate coming in to your port side (left). Before you hit them you will see three fighters appear at the rear of the cap ship. Take them out as they will do some heavy damage. As the frigates close and start pounding you hit your warefare pod to protect yourself and take out everything on them with missiles and guns pausing only to take out passing fighters. You will get through that part with about 1/4 of your health gone.

Once they pass use your last two protons to take out two more generators (rear and mid ship) and pound the cap ship turrets and any fighters with guns and missiles as you begin to move in. Ignore the last few frigates unless you have a second to take out a few guns. I usually have the bridge, 3 shield generators, and most of the cap ship turrets gone by the time I make my first pass at it. I'm at around 2/3 health.

From there just keep taking down fighters and hit the cap ship turrets on every pass. Real easy to sweep them. Only switch to shield for a few seconds as you turn away from the cap ship and start your next run. You will sweep the deck of the cap ship at least two more times. fire four missiles at the last generator as you do. it will go down

From there just focus on fighters. You should finish at half health, with about 30 to 40 missiles left and have everything done with a minute left.

Remember, missile lock will target up to four targets if you hold right mouse down as you sweep across them with your guns and then fire when you let go.

My personal opinion is that the only thing wrong with the proton is the time it takes to activate. It's slow as molasses, and not really needed. Not sure if I'll even use it, but it was kinda fun to try it out.

Hope that helps.

May the Schwartz be with you....

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05.14.2012 , 08:11 AM | #52
[QUOTEWhen you get a WMD with no instructions, only bad things will come of it! .[/QUOTE]

LMAO! so true..

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07.07.2012 , 11:21 AM | #53
Agree the only thing wrong is that they don't explain how to use the missiles. But they are a 1 shot on generators in on the Clouds mission. True u can easily use regular missing for that but this way u can do it without waiting to reload another 4 missiles. Or you can unload your 4 missiles on the ships or fighters then use the proton torpedoes to kill a generator or 2.

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07.10.2012 , 04:16 PM | #54
Quote: Originally Posted by korros View Post
proton torpedoes are easily the worst idea and implementation in space combat minigame. Once proton torpedoes are depleted it's impossible to lock onto ship and station components with regular missiles. They need to make firing them separate from regular missiles.

As it stands right now, equipping them them on your ship makes completing missions harder than not using them at all. I bought them, tried them, then immediately removed them.

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11.29.2012 , 03:11 AM | #55
Quote: Originally Posted by byter View Post
Yeah, proton torpedoes are good but they should not be on the same key as missiles. You should be able to choose since in certain situations i'd rather spam missiles then hold down the key and wait for proton torpedo.

For that reason it's also got a spot in my cargo bay ;p