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Chancellor Saresh

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11.28.2012 , 09:04 PM | #11
I hate Saresh. At least Janarus had a sense of honor. He had a person-to-person chat with someone out for blood when he could have ran, like Saresh did at Taris. [He actually reminded me of the Emperor in Skyrim.]

Saresh is, as the OP said, everything we hate about politicians. She is a speech-machine, nothing she says seems sincere except when she gets slammed.

Her decision to trade the Supreme Commander (!!!) of the Empire for POW's was the crowd-pleasing bull that politicians pull when they're trying to win the votes and stay in office.

She was the one primarily behind the 'recolonization' of Taris, and we all saw how LOW morale was for the troops there, [people deserting because they are losing their friends to rakghouls left and right and the Republic doesn't seem to care] not to mention what a completely disastrous waste it was [they completely lose the planet.] And of course during these events she is nowhere to be found, doing political machinations elsewhere...

And she gets elected Supreme Chancellor and sprouts off her ham-fisted speeches and hands out medals to our heroic protagonists. Looks nice and sounds nice but her actions say otherwise.

Good job, Bioware. I hate her even more than Satele "mary sue" Shan.