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11.28.2012 , 12:28 PM | #1
Hello everyone!

I've been gone from this game for quite some time now and just returned recently and a LOT has changed. I decided to start over new and moved onto a different server but now I seem to have Problems with finding the class I like.

Iam hoping that some of you will give me (and people that are looking for the same things) a bit of advice...
Im looking for a class thats capable of

- smooth solo questing (I get frustrated when I have to reg after 2-3 Groups or 1 Group with a silver)
- Viable for PvE Operations (my main goal is PvE)
- average PvP option (simply put: i dont want to be completely defenseless in PvP)

Please take into consideration the following things:
- I play a male character
- I never played a tank before (tried but failed)
- I tend to be neither of both sides (my light/dark is mostly balanced)
- I have tried the following classes but did not get very happy with them:
- Jedi Sage
- Sith Marauder

Also I cant seem to get a hang of the "cover"-system from both Imperial Agent and Smuggler... or maybe thats just because i only got them to 15...

So please if you have any experience in the 50 end game area and / or leveling experience tell me what's your opinion on which class might suit me. I do not need any story-related informations as my experience showed me that i enjoyed every story i tried so far. Same thing goes for companions, except you have something you think is especially worth noticing!

PS: If you could post your choice of crew-skills going with the suggested class I'd really appreciate it!
Thank you for your time and for reading through everything. I'm sorry if my english is a bit off, It's not my native language. I'd be truly happy to hear many opinions soon and start my Main Character !

May the force be with you...

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11.28.2012 , 12:48 PM | #2
up to 3 50's now
Sage / healer / artifice
Commando / dps / cybertech
Guardian / tank / armormech

Probably the easiest experience out there would be to roll a commando dps & take armormech for a first toon. I say this because all of the companions except the droid have exactly the same armor proficiency. You can research blue level paterns that are on level very cheaply, and the same pieces of gear will work for both of your first two companions. Leaving you to all your commendations for buying mods for weapons/ generators. The dps spec is great for PvE. The weakness of the spec is PvP is very tricky, and is very vulnerable to melee.
~Master Telagtun Telag of Lord Calypho~

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11.28.2012 , 12:59 PM | #3
We might need a bit more information to help out.

The biggest question you need to answer is: Do you prefer being up close and personal with your killing of mobs (melee)? Or do you prefer to kill them from far away (ranged)?

Once you know the answer to that, you'll be able to narrow it down.

You said you don't like tanking, and mentioned that you didn't particularly like the sage and marauder. Something else to keep in mind is the mirror class for each side:

Jedi Consular = Sith Inquisitor
Jedi Knight = Sith Warrior
Trooper = Bounty Hunter
Smuggler = Imperial Agent

So, the classes will have nearly identical play styles no matter whether you play Empire or Republic side. And every class will get a companion of each type (Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, Melee Tank, Ranged Tank, and Healer). So, the only difference in terms of companion is when you get the companion you'll want to use the most.

A lot of melee players (Warriors/Knights, etc.) will play with a healer to reduce the heal time between fights. Warriors and Knights both get their healer on Balmorra. However, Balmorra is the 3rd planet for Warriors, while it's the 7th planet for Knights. So, you may want to look at when you get your companions (although, that would be spoiling some things for you ahead of time).

In the end, it's about your playstyle. Take a bit to test out a few of the classes on the first planet for each and see what you think.

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11.28.2012 , 01:21 PM | #4
Hello! Thank you two for your replies!

I really have to say, I do not make a difference if I'm in close combat or fighting ranged. They both have their benefits in my opinion. Close combat looks just way more ******... well swinging a lightsaber looks awesome anywhere but rangeds seem to have a huge advantage in flashpoints since they dont have to run from mob to mob or.. turret to turret...

I do know about the mirror-classes and i ruled them out aswell. It simply doesent seem to fit my playstile. Even with a healer on my Marauder (hes 32) i found him to be to squishy for my recklessness. I usually tend to pick myself a nice place with some mob groups in sight and then start going on a killing spree. Everything worked out untill i didnt see that one silver dude...
Sage on the other hand felt rather slow... It didnt feel anything like combat when i fought regular enemys. Only when Qyzen died and i had to kite a Boss (my Sage is 35) It felt somewhat thrilling.
I guess what I'm trying to say is: I need to have the feeling that I actually put up a fight, and kill stuff before i have to wait and reg up again. I also like to push my toon to the limit and try to solo as much as possible.

I hope this can help you help me, and once again, thanks for your replies!

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11.28.2012 , 01:26 PM | #5
As crazy as it sounds, don't rule out Shadow because you tried Sage, and don't give up on the tanking classes because they DPS very well.

But yeah, given what you have said, I would try either a Bounty Hunter or Commando.

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11.28.2012 , 01:34 PM | #6
Hello Bida,

this doesent sound crazy at all. In fact I really only ruled out the Jedi Sage (and the Sith Inquisitor as mirror) because I read in the class forums that the shadow is quite capable. However if you read through so many class forums (even tough they are mirror classes people tend to judge them differently most of the time) it's hard to really find good answers. Thats why I was hoping to sum everything up for me here.
I didn't intent to rule out the tanking classes either. I just said that I suck at tanking :-) at least the few times I tried Black Talon on a low level Juggernaut. I know very well that Black Talon isn't acutally representing any taking capabilty though... so yeah... my bad :-/

Right now I'm waiting for more opinions and doing some research on the cartell market and how i could benefit from it. but thats a completely different story and does not belong here.

Something I'D like to add about PvP however: I've read many comments stating that doing PvP is essential to equipping a character. Thats why i even mentoined it in my first post. I'm not into PvP at all I'll simply deal with it if I have to..

Thanks for reading my thread :-)

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11.28.2012 , 02:06 PM | #7
Yeah when you do Black Talon you don't actually have any tanking abilities yet so don't rush to judge tanks on the whole.

Also, with regard to mirror classes remember that the advanced classes are the true mirrors.
i.e Jedi Consular doesn't necessarily equal the Sith Inquisitor BUT Jedi Sage mirrors Sith Sorcerer and the Shadow mirrors Assassin. Also, while being very similar the dynamics specific to skill trees can vary between mirrors as well
I have 8 50s (the Sentinel is a 48.75 but the class story is done); when I leveled I picked the opposite mirror for each ac so that gave me a final list of:

Shield Specialist Vanguard (tank) armormech/scavenging/underworld trading

Arsenal Mercenary (rdps) armstech/scavenging/investigation

Kinetic Combat Shadow (tank) Artifice/archaeology/treasure hunting

Corruption Sorcerer (heal) Synthweaving/archaeology/scavenging

Combat Sentinel (mdps) Biochem/bioanalysis/diplomacy

Immortal Juggernaut (tank) Slicing/treasure hunting/underworld trading

Sawbones Smuggler (heal) Slicing/scavenging/underworld trading

Marksmanship Sniper (rdps) Cybertech/slicing/underworld trading

The easiest ones to level up were the two healers, followed closely by the merc/shadow/jugg/sent/sniper. The sniper kept me busy and was the "hardest" to level with but that was more because I completely ignored every companion except Kaliyo when I leveled him, Lokin makes things a lot easier but I like a challenge.

I had to go further than level 20 before I got a good idea of the way each advanced class abilities synergize, so you may want to revisit some of your earlier experiments or even try different skill sets by respecializing.

Good luck to you,


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11.28.2012 , 02:42 PM | #8
Hello Mokkh and thanks for your reply,

i played my jedi sage as a healer, or at least put my talentpoints where people told me a healer would put them wile leveling up and sadly it did not work out for me. Mobs went down too slow to really make a difference.

In any event I read through your post and it made me wonder: you mentoined you never really bothered equipping the other companions and to tell the truth I didn't even know that you'd normally do that...
In only used Quinn and Qyzen the whole time, so I tried to keep both of them equipped by picking the quest-rewards for them. Is it common to switch out companions in the higher levels or is it just something "optional" for those who want to try out everyone?

It seems like I missed out on more than just a few things in this forum while reading through the others...
Right now my tendency goes towards a Commando, simply because I believe the Republic leaves you more ways of actually expressing your opinion than the Empire does. I dont like getting shocked with lightning just because I told a Sith his face lookes like a wookies... back...

Anyway still open for suggestions the more the merrier!

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11.28.2012 , 04:00 PM | #9
It sounds to me like you might want to give the following a try:

Sith Juggernaut or Jedi Knight. These guys are up close and personal in their fighting. And Force Leap makes getting to the next mob a breeze. They have lightsabers, so it's very Star Wars. Plus, they wear heavy armor, so they aren't as squishy as your Marauder was. And they can do pretty good DPS and you'd have the option to tank if you wanted to give it a try again.

Bounty Hunter Powertech or Trooper Vanguard. These guys are generally up close and personal with some ranged thrown in. Very good DPS, and also with the option to tank if you wanted to try again. Heavy armor wearers, so not really squishy. Plus the BH starts out with a healer companion.

Sith Assassin or Jedi Shadow. Again, up close and personal, but with some added force powers thrown in. And stealth. So, you can sneak past mobs if you want to. Very good DPS, and depsite the light armor, also option to tank. Shadow gets the healer much earlier than the Assassin if that matters to you. Both start with a tank companion.

Bounty Hunter Mercenary or Trooper Commando. Ranged killers. You can light things up from far away while your companion gets in close. Heavy armor wearers, to help with survivability, plus the option to heal, so you can keep your own health up easily enough even without speccing into a healing tree.

Agent Sniper or Gunslinger. Awesome ranged killers. Both can destroy things in a heartbeat. Very fun classes to play. Slight squishy early on, but not too bad overall. Both start with tank companions to keep the heat off of you while you kill everything. All they do is kill stuff. And fast.

You certainly don't need to PVP if you don't want to. I haven't done one bit of PVP and I'm quite well geared. Just make sure you use your planetary commendations to keep your gear up to date and you'll be fine.

Also, I generally only use or two companions depending on which toon I have. And those are the ones I'll keep geared up. If I'm playing a healer, I usually stick with a tank companion to keep the mobs off of me. For dps, I usually stick with my tank to keep mobs off of me, or a healer to keep me healed while I'm killing everything. If I'm a tank, I'll use a healer or a dps. Playing a tank with healer companion, things die a little more slowly, but I'm almost impossible to kill. With a tank and dps companion, things die more quickly, but there's a bit more time in between fights needed to heal.

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11.28.2012 , 04:40 PM | #10
Hello AMulls,

thank you for your post. As I already said I appreciate different opinions and after what I've read in this thread so far I've come down to the following two classes I'll choose from.

One would be:
Jedi Shadow
Simply put I like the idea of Light sabers + stealth (if im lazy) + tank / dps
I also would like to continue the Story of my Jedi Sage and this seems like a good opportunity

The other option:
Trooper Commando
I like the sound of a heavy armored healer/dps with a big gun in his hand. I've played healers in other MMOs before and its always a different challenge, which is a plus aswell.

That pretty mutch sums it up and I guess it's up to me now to find out which one fits more to my liking... however there is one thing I really really really need to know because it can actually rule out the Jedi Shadow right from the start:

Can I effectively replace my Healing Companion with any other companion (except for gold / boss fights) without sacrificing my "Smooth questing"? Because this guy really gets on my nerves! I can't stand him hes worse than a scared chicken. Why would you join a Jedi if you're scared of fighting? I've never seen someone talk a Sith to death!

Thank you all for your help and hopefully someone will answer my last question
Best regards,