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On asking others for help

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11.25.2012 , 11:10 AM | #1
I love to help people. However, it seems that there are a lot of people around lately who straddle the line of someone who asks for help and someone who is a beggar. Here I have compiled some thoughts on the difference and how to make yourself more likely to get help.

Most people who ask for help are generally well-meaning. Most are stuck and/or are horribly undergeared for their level and situation or just need some pointers to help them along their way. These are the best subjects for giving help to. Perhaps there is something about the mechanics that they are not understanding. Perhaps they need to be shown a better rhythm for combat. Maybe they need to be shown how to make money off of their loot so that they can later afford training and upgrades? I love to teach these kind of folks. Often enough, if I feel that they are being receptive and are working to get better, I will craft them up a bunch of armor and/or a weapon to help them get along.

Then there is the blind request for help via a tell like I received on Alderaan lately.

Player: "Hey can u help me with my class quest."
Me: "Sure can. However, I am in the middle of something. Can you hang out about 5 mins while I wrap it up?"
Player: "ok hurry tho i wanna move on and this is hard"

At this point I am a little irritated that I was told to hurry. Anyways, just as I am about ready, the game crashed. I logged back in to Alderaan and looked up the /who window because I remembered the name but not the funky spelling and I see him in the window... he is level 20.

Me: Hey man. I hate to tell you, but you are seriously underleveled for this planet. That is why you are having a hard time. You really should go all the way back to Nar Shaddaa and do the quests that you missed through there.

Player: I only like to do class quests.

Me: How did you get this far?

Player: I talked people into helping me.

Me: At this point, I would not be helping you, I would be doing it for you.

Player: <silence>

Me: I am going to have to rescind my offer to help. You really need to go get some levels.

From there I was told that I was rude because I made him wait and that I am not a good community person.

Folks, asking folks to essentially do things for you is not the way to ask for help.

Be receptive to the knowledge.

Understand that all ways of making money do take even at least a minimal effort on your part.

A lot of helpers will go out of their way to help you above and beyond what you asked for if it looks like you are trying hard at things.

Lastly, and probably most important... COURTESY. Please have some. It goes a LONG way into getting the help that you need.

I apologies that this thread is a bit scattered, the baby woke up in the middle of my typing it and shattered my entire thought process on it and I had to wing it from there.
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11.25.2012 , 11:27 AM | #2
I had to deal with a similar situation. A level 12 needed help with his quest at the Jedi Temple Ruins on Coruscant. I noticed he skipped tons of quests, and asked him why. He said, I just wanted to do the class quests too. I told him that he was underlevel, and that I wasn't going to just do it for him. He did get a little annoyed, but he eventually agreed with me, and I helped him go through a lot of the quests he skipped and get him to level 15.

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11.25.2012 , 12:03 PM | #3
Ah yes, the wonders of youth that Free-to-Play brings...

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11.25.2012 , 12:07 PM | #4
You really think any of these people visit the forum? They don't.

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11.25.2012 , 12:25 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Jandi View Post
You really think any of these people visit the forum? They don't.
They can't post, so why bother?

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11.25.2012 , 12:27 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthTHC View Post
Ah yes, the wonders of youth that Free-to-Play brings...
that's funny because the first time I was asked to help someone do the mentioned quest at the jedi temple was.... in January

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11.25.2012 , 12:52 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthTHC View Post
Ah yes, the wonders of youth that Free-to-Play brings...
The problems have very little to do with F2P members. This game has more than it's share of less than savory subscribed players.
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11.25.2012 , 01:02 PM | #8
I had a person ask me for help with a class quest that seemed bugged so I did my best to try to talk him through it since I wasn't in a position to actually go to him and assist.
I looked it up online and helped him retrace his steps to see if he missed anything along the way.
Ultimately I think the problem was that he missed the turn-in and just jumped ahead to the fleet.

Anyway, when it was done, he asked me for money and gear.

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11.25.2012 , 02:58 PM | #9
I agree completely OP. this issue may have been exaggerated by the new influx of players, but isn't isolated to them. I've had this issue arise multiple time since the game began.

I understand why players would want to do story quests only, or to want to play in their own way. but they have to accept the fact that the game wasn't DESIGNED in the way they want, and they certainly can't expect other players to sacrifice their time to solely support that.

I usually will go out of my way (and spend a good deal of my personal play time) to help people in game when I am really helping them, and not just hand-walking them through content. But I refuse to carry anyone through the game or waste my time on them if that's all they want.

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11.25.2012 , 03:22 PM | #10
Just let that person get to Quesh, at that point he/she won't be able to get onto the surface until a certain level has been reached (they need to talk to the commando medic in the orbital station at that point and the NPC has a grey quest marker until they are high enough level to speak to them), so essentially the class quests will stop right there and they will have to level doing something else :-)
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