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Remove Credit cap for F2P players and BW could get even more money

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Remove Credit cap for F2P players and BW could get even more money

Utorian's Avatar

11.25.2012 , 09:57 AM | #1
Was chatting with a guildy the other day about the limitations placed on F2P players and the discussion came round to the credit cap they have. It seemed a bit silly to us and we both felt that BW are missing out on getting more money from the cartel coins from subscribers.

Basically our feeling was that they should remove the credit cap for F2P. This would then allow an F2P player to purchase items from the GTN. Items such as the authorizations from the cartel coins and the weekly passes for WZ's and FP's etc. The idea being that allot of the F2P guys have no intention to ever buy coins or ever buy a subscription to the game yet could still potentially play unrestricted. Now to do this BW would need to make sure that to get the authorizations you have to spend cash on cartel coins. Don't allow them to be obtained from the packs or the idea fails. This would mean that any player wanting a credit boost that has RL money to spare could purchase these items from the cartel shop and then sell them on to the F2P player. Both players get benefit from this and IMO will increase the enjoyment of the F2P player and in turn attract more people to the game. The idea basically came to us discussing the pilot licence system Eve Online has in place. Allowing the poor guy to play at the rich guys expense.

The downsides we looked at with this was that the "credit card" type players may pull ahead. But if you really think about the game as it is, this really is a none issue. Ok they could have tonnes of creds but that doesn't really mean they have a huge upper hand. In PvP this is a none issue as the only way to get gear is by grinding it. PvE ok someone can come along with a fresh dinged 50 fully kitted on the latest gear and you then have the "all the right gear no idea" issue. But hey we all deal with that anyways with the current system, I mean come on gear isn't really that hard to get. We then looked at the low lvl PvP and the option for these guys to twink out their chars. This was really the only downside we saw. That the low lvl PvP could become twink city (more so than it already is).

But yeah just thought I would throw this out there for the community to discuss and see if it is actually a viable option that BW should check into.

What do you guys think?

Mcadamsl's Avatar

11.25.2012 , 10:04 AM | #2
part of the reason for limitting F2P credits caps too are to deter credit selling sites and hacker useing F2P account to move around credits stolen from players,

Aital's Avatar

11.25.2012 , 10:43 AM | #3
Which leads into my idea. why not increase the ammount and make them buyable in game. then you at least solve one of those.

CC should be tradeable in game like monthely passes in eve.