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New Default "Guild Recruitment" Channel (like Trade and PvP)

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New Default "Guild Recruitment" Channel (like Trade and PvP)

SanguineSphinx's Avatar

06.14.2012 , 10:54 AM | #1
I've heard tell from those on the high-pop servers that chat on the fleet is a nightmare. Guild recruitment spam is through the roof, in all of the channels - because there really isn't a channel for it. Trade chat should be for Trade, and General should be free from the spam that the other channels are for so that people can actually chat.

If a new "Recruitment" channel was made (set on in all tabs by default), it would be the best of both worlds. Everyone would see the guild advertisements by default, but they could easily turn off that setting so that they could see chat they need to see without it being spammed away within less than a second.

Any comments or ideas?
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11.25.2012 , 10:04 AM | #2
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