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Looking for Social/Raiding Guild

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Looking for Social/Raiding Guild

Gammis's Avatar

11.23.2012 , 07:52 PM | #1
Hello I am looking for a very social guild with many people to casually talk to and enjoy the game with, as well I am also looking for a guild that is currently raiding. Currently have a level 50 Jedi Sage and also leveling with my girlfriend who will also be looking for the same which is currently leveling 29 Sawbones Scoundrel, but will be raiding with that character as well. If anyone is looking for 2 Healers and friendly people let us know.

Jedi Sage raid times:
Fri - Sun Avaiable 5pm to 11pm Est
Mon - Thurs Avaiable after 6pm to 11pm Est 2 Weeks a month until job schedule changes.

Scoundrel Sawbones raid times: Once level 50
Fri - Sun 5pm to 11pm Est
Mon - Thurs 6pm to 11pm Est
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Vir_Cotto's Avatar

11.23.2012 , 11:07 PM | #2
V Squad is a very social guild, and we'd be happy to add you to our ranks. We're a casual group, but we're very organized and active in end game content. We have a website and we're very active on the forums, we also have a TeamSpeak3 voice chat server. We run our Operations on Thursdays & Sundays starting at 7:00 EST, we also run group activities on Tuesday evenings, and we're even starting up an Empire Day on Sundays, before our Op. We're also loaded up on leveling members and we're always around to help each other out. You can check out our website, links in my signature, and see if you think we'd be a fit for you. Hope to see an application from you!
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