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Problems with the solo queue idea....

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Problems with the solo queue idea....

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11.23.2012 , 02:05 PM | #151
Quote: Originally Posted by Ashaari View Post
Okay as you asked so nicely, heres a few to be getting on with - ill post you some more on Monday when I am scheduled to be back at work if you can give satisfactory re-buffs to the first few as being unacceptable.

Reasons why people will not use voicecomms and therefore will not play in l33t pre-made groups:

1. Deafness or profound hearing difficulties - This effects 9 million poeple in the UK alone out of a population of approx 60 million - you can work out the potential worl numbers for yourself.

2. Cyber bullying or fear thereof - 18% of young Europeans have experinced online bullying in the last 3 months

3. Parental concern over child grooming

4. Muteness/mutism - I couldnt find any specifc statitistics - doesnt mean it doesnt exist

5. Speech impediments - can cause embarassment to sufferers meaning they do not wish to use voice comms

6. Age discrimination - some younger players feel they will be descriminated againt in terms of inclusion to Ops or Pvp if other players know that they are yound (normally less than 16 or 18.

7 Age discrimination - some older players feel they will not be accepted by the "pro" gaming community

8. Some female gamers feel intimidated by the misogynistic attitudes of same male, particularly younger male players.

9. Language issues - The world population is currently circa 7 billion. of this approx 1.1 billion speak English as a first or second language, approx 95 million speak German, French is a little unclear, but native french speakers are about 75 million, I dont know the statistics for French as a second language, but lets assume that there are a total of 1.5 billion people who speak either English/French or German. This means there are 5.5 billion who do not speak the most common in game languages - some will group together in language specific groups i.e. Spanish for instance, but for some smaller language zones with few player spread over sveral servers communication may very well be an issue.

Thats all for now - have a good weekend
Thanks for actually trying =P and you ave a good weekend too. I'll respond now.

1. This is assuming all Premades use voice chat. I can tell you from personal experience that many times we do not. Non-ranked doesn't need it, and often my premades are a mix of guildies and friends, not all whom are allowed on our voice chat. So for this one, I have to say voice chat requirements for non-ranked is a false assumption.

2. This is a psychological issue which holds -some- water. Cyber bullying is usually caused by people they know IRL that take it out on them online (threatening, taunting, and humiliating). No one is required to give out their life story to guildies, or even tell them their name.

3. If you are that concerned over your child... don't give them internet access.

4. See #1. Also from personal experience... I have a mic, I don't like to use it and/or it disturbs the people in my house. So I type most of the time even if I'm in voice chat.

5. See #1 and #5.

6. Again, don't have to tell people your life story, age, religion, sex, or creed. Voice chat isn't a requirement, and as long as you act mature no one will even question... even if you lie and say you're 21.

7. <.< How old we talking, cause I've played with 40's, 50's and even one 60 year old with brain damage, and he played (and typed, and chatted) just fine.

8. See #6. I personally don't have any issue with this, though I will admit it's one of the reasons I use voice chat sparingly even when I'm on it. Still, voice chat is not a requirement, nor is telling people about yourself. (Chances are people will think we're guys any way).

9. I'll give ya this one. Laungauge barriers can be an issue, but is it really -enough- of an issue to justify a solo-centric favoring system?

For the most part, I'd say this list assumes that people need to be on voice chat to premade (especially not needed in non-ranked) or feel they need to share their life story, which is also not required. Of these, I'd say 9 is the only really acceptable answer for actual, physical problems that would limit your ability to group. Disabilities, race, religion, sex, and age disclosure are not required for grouping, nor is voice chat.

Edit: Fixed a typo, ranked to non-ranked.

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11.26.2012 , 10:30 AM | #152
Quote: Originally Posted by LenrocNewDawn View Post
Yeah, rage keeps me awake at night . Let's get some things straight here, we are not talking about gravity here and my ability to cope with it. We are talking about arbitrary set rules that impact negatively a thing we like to do in a way that we are not content with. Rules that can be altered in order to remove the negative aspect they cause.
Also nobody is asking for equality here just for a fair playing field that accounts for players ability and allows the said player to improve and move up the difficulty tier in a manner that doesn't make the improvement process unbearable.
Your, justice only for the strong model, fails to create a strong large community while it favors a small entrenched one that has problems in sustaining decent queue timers.

In all honesty I don't think a complete separation of premade-PuG queues (premade groups should be able to draw PuGs in order to complete the rooster but only after premade was matched with another similar premade would be the best solution) but is sure as hell better than what we have now.
Again it's not MY model it's BW's, people need to stop blaming premades and complain to BW about your issue. We are only playing a game within it's rule set.
"Equality is a perversion of the natural order!…It binds the strong to the weak. They [the weak] become anchors that drag the exceptional down to mediocrity. Individuals destined and deserving of greatness have it denied them.
-Darth Bane