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Knight or Sage

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11.20.2012 , 03:39 AM | #1
Having just returned to the game, subscribed and logged in I'm at a loss. It's been many months since I played last so I can't fully remember how the two classes play but it's down to the Jedi Knight (either advance) and the Sage. I'm going to be mainly concentrating on the PVE side of the game but may go into PVP later on.

I don't care about what's "best" but I would like your opinions and experience on the two classes. What you found the most fun, which story you enjoyed more etc etc...
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11.20.2012 , 08:22 AM | #2
Story-wise, I loved both ACs. Consular story may seem a little slow in the beginning, but it builds up by the and of act 2. Compared to Knight, Consular story has a lot more to do with exposing behind-the-scenes schemes and threats, while the Knight has a generally more action-based, heroic storyline with some ethical subtext.

Gameplay-wise, Knight is full-on melee, while Sage is full-on ranged.

As far as gameplay and levelling difficulty goes, from easy to hard, it's probably Sage, Sentinel, Guardian.

I found Sage resource system easy to manage, the toolset diverse and practical. Combat runs smooth and you can always take most enemies out of combat with Lift, further improving your chances. Levelled two sages - one as Balance, the other as Seer. Haven't encountered anything that I could not either kill, or slowly kite to death if I screwed up and let my companion die.

Sentinel has a moderately challenging resource managent system (which quickly becomes almost as easy as Sage;s with the right talents). In all specs, you deal consistently high damage during the entire process of levelling and you have very strong defensive cooldowns to "pad" difficult situations. You'll also be able to take droid enemies out of combat for prolonged periods of time. Watchman is great to level in, because it offers selfhealing and burns single targets down extremely fast. Focus is arguably the easiest. At low levels, you're swimming in Focus because of how Shii-Cho Zen works in conjunction with cheap Slash (first-tier Watchman tree). At high levels, you literally smash through packs in a couple of GCDs (between Exhaustion recharges, use Zen or Stasis to charge Singularity).

Guardian probably has some of the more unforgiving systems in the entire game. Depending on the spec, your resource system and skill priorities become various degrees of intolerant to error. Defense punishes resource mismanagement the hardest, while Vigilance makes the player pay dearly for screwing up skill priorities (which translates into noticeably lower DPS parses - not to mention that Vigilance, despite the fact that it scales very well in endgame, underperforms severely if the player's gear is lacking). Focus is probably the easiest one, but it's still harder to pull off than Sentinel's (Focus Sents virtually swim in Focus, thanks to Zen). There's also a significant damage lapse at about level 30 to around 40-45 (depending on talents), at least compared to Sages and Sents. In a DPS spec, you're only marginally less squishy than a Sent - but you don't have his powerful defensive cooldowns and droid CC.

Hope I helped a little. Good luck.
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11.21.2012 , 12:52 AM | #3
Thank you kindly for that information, poster ^.

I've been thinking about returning to the game and I'm uncertain what to play. I've got a 50 Sage and Commando and I'd like to roll something I haven't played before. Been thinking of the Jedi Knight since I'm kind of on a melee kick. Anyway, who cares. I'm rambling. Thank you!