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F2P: sub or leave

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11.19.2012 , 08:40 PM | #1
Answering a thread elsewhere I wrote something along the below lines and I can't stop thinking the truth is too obvious.

OP (as many others vets) is unhappy because, for some reason, he thinks he deserves more than new players.

The preferred status gives you a bit of what is required to play, but isn't enough especially when you are used to be a "normal" player.
Thing is most vets would be happy to pay for restricted content (not features not tools) would the price be right.

For now if you want to do specific content, with weekly passes ; you have to pay between $7,63 and $11,50 monthly. (Ref: pricing form here. Formula being (4 + 2,5/7) weeks * pass price (ie: 30.5 days a month)

The low bracket seems reasonable at first. However it's not taking into account the fact that you have to spend quite a lot (on top of box + initial monthly fees) to unlock all the bells and whistles: quick-slot bars, re-spawn, toggle head slot, ... down to display titles and use emotes.

Then take the high bracket: $11,50, for people not getting the big CC package, for whatever reason.
Now it's getting even more expensive than a sub considering not only you have to unlock some features, but you also don't get the 500 CC monthly. And it's only for being able to do one type of content only!

So now the choice is easy: sub or leave.
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