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Leaked details of next content ( World Boss, Daily Area, Space Misions, Pets, Mounts

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Leaked details of next content ( World Boss, Daily Area, Space Misions, Pets, Mounts

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10.25.2012 , 08:25 AM | #91
Quote: Originally Posted by TerranZule View Post
If anyone still reads this thread and cares, I saw the Avalanche Heavy Tank speeder on the PTS the other day and heres a lowdown on it

Looks like a speedersized version of the Firebrand and Stormcaller tanks from Explosive Conflictthat encapsulates the player.

Has a movement speed of.......45% XD its a tanks so what do you expect lol guess it means instead of using a larger speeder to show new ops members positioning on the tank fight you can actually use a mini replica to act it out for authenticities sake lol either way its at least an amusing mount to parade around fleet at RP walk speed lol

Still unsure how its obtained though, owner logged before I could inquire and its been the only one ive seen so far. Maybe its a Cartel box super rare drop or maybe(and probably more likely but not guaranteed) a drop after completeing Nightmare Mode Explosive Conflict.

Ill update if i find anything else out or even remember lol
Oh wow, that sounds awesome
Quote: Originally Posted by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw
Personally I would slap Georges hands away from the editing desk, give him a colouring book and then remake the entire prequel trilogy so that Darth Vader uses the force to win breakdance competitions and chokes to death anyone who utters the word midichlorians.

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10.28.2012 , 01:05 PM | #92
No flames are necessary, you are already roasting in the fires of your own stupidity.

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10.28.2012 , 01:14 PM | #93
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay_Stocker View Post
surprised, and slightly disappointed that the new quest dailies are on belsavis, another high level planet, which already has a daily area.

i would of preferred a reason to go back to lower planets, especially since with f2p, it could inspire some newbies to continue playing/subscribe if they see alot of high end players passing by in cool armour...
There is no cool looking high end armor in SWTOR, so they probably didn't want to scare away potential players by exposing them to the ugly endgame gear.
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10.28.2012 , 01:45 PM | #94
Quote: Originally Posted by Jinxblog View Post
Somehow I need this, now
Hidden Beks -> Nightmare Lands -> The Red Eclipse

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10.29.2012 , 01:53 AM | #95
Quote: Originally Posted by Khosann View Post
What about an ACTUAL ending to the game? Expanded class and companion stories? Oh wait. They are too expensive. Writing a script, all those voice over wasted on stupid low quality cliche story missions... Eat Operations fool!
You must be new to MMO's? they don't have an actual ending, that's just the thing about these games, if there would be an ending, everyone would leave when they finished the game..
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11.19.2012 , 12:32 AM | #96

Unnecessary Girth on the Bastion just got the Avalanche mount.

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11.19.2012 , 12:36 AM | #97
Quote: Originally Posted by PresentlyKyle View Post

Unnecessary Girth on the Bastion just got the Avalanche mount.
WHy necro this?
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