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PvP Help

flowoftime's Avatar

11.13.2012 , 09:30 PM | #1
I just started my bounty-hunter class. My advanced class is mercenary and I want to get better at pvp I never have been so I need some tips

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11.14.2012 , 01:12 PM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by flowoftime View Post
I just started my bounty-hunter class. My advanced class is mercenary and I want to get better at pvp I never have been so I need some tips
If you New i would Keybind your abilities, Do not keyboard turn , practice to be aware on whats happening around you in the warzones, once you 50 if you did all this, you Will be better then 50% of the pvp players.

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11.14.2012 , 01:19 PM | #3
Not a great first AC for PvP. If you want to make Merc work, you will want to have at least a full understanding of the warzones and what abilities other classes use, and even them, be creative. Not from class complexity, but you will just be an underdog.

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11.14.2012 , 01:29 PM | #4
As much as it hurts to say Mercenary right now is the absolute worst class you could have picked for PvP,

1. Arsenal can do moderate dps but is very susceptible to interrupts. If your Tracer gets interrupted you're screwed.
2. Bodyguard can do decent healing but falls behind both Operatives and Sorcs.
3. Pyro is probably the best spec to pick but Powertechs do so much more damage in pyro than Mercs. Might as well just go PT.

Your AC overall suffers from serious mobility and survivability issues. If you're serious about competitive PvP just pick a different class. It's not that hard to get to lvl10 if you've just picked your AC. Mercs are usually frowned upon in any spec and while they can do reasonably good under ideal circumstances, everything a merc can do another class can do better with less effort and for more damage/heals.

Unless Bioware does something to bring this class up to speed (for which I'm not holding my breath) Merc is a very bad class to pick in the long run.

Invictusthetaru's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 03:54 PM | #5
If you like merc, stick with it. It's actually pretty fun in lowby if you know how to kite. Here are a few tips:

1. Be invisible, be in a group.
-Use line of sight to your advantage, always be near something you can hide behind.
-Never solo guard something, not your job, you have the highest AOE burst in the game, you can lay down plasma grenade, death from above, hail of bolts, etc all in a few seconds. So be where the action is, but hidden.

For example, never stand in the middle of voidstar pew pewing like a tard face. Have a pillar at your hip and run around it if you have to. Marauder jumps to you, knock back, go around the other side of the pillar and attack someone else.

2. Avoid 1v1s when at all possible.
- many people like to assume when someone attacks them, they need to attack back. Feel more than free to stun and line of sight, ignoring that enemy. Odds are if, for example, you knock back and run away, then stun and line of sight, the player will leave you alone and find someone else.

Feel free to PM me with any more specific questions.
Ladle- 65 Sentinel
Ladled- 65 Commando
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flowoftime's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 06:04 PM | #6
ok thanks but I am going to try and make my merc work to the best of my ability over all I am doing a lot better then I was with my jedi

FatEdd's Avatar

11.15.2012 , 06:46 PM | #7

Merc's can be pretty difficult to manage in PVP, however, Arsenal Merc and use of your buttons more efficiently can prove to be pretty good to be honest and 1vs1 on a Commando is pretty simple to take out, as one example.

I use to complain a lot that the Merc was underpowered, but looking at it now and making a few crucial changes to my set up, augments, blah de blah I am seeing my damage back to around 450-500k mark in PVP, averaging around the 200k mark which i think is relatively good given the major heat issues the Merc has in a tough fight.

Sweeping Blasters, Rail Shot, Death from Above and Concussion Missile + Interrupt to me are the primary weapon buttons for the Merc, alongside others like Unload which is just natural. Concussion Missile can be literally a life saver, if you have 2 on you, CC one, dispatch the other then get the hell out of dodge. But again it depends on your style of play. Concussion Missile can also be grand in the likes of Hutball and warzones where running to get the objectives are key. Slowing up the enemy works a treat. Interrupt if used wisely can be a real pain in the backside to those pubs who have endless special buttons to press. But I notice the Merc interrupt is only worth while when you already have the targeted to say half health, and then they use that special, but blocking that special when they are around half health is pretty much curtains for them I have noticed. Doing it when they are at full health is just pointless. This tactic specifically works nicely against Healers who think they can permanently heal against the Merc. Put the interrupt in at the right time and there stuffed, simple as.

I would not bother augmenting up your Battlemaster armor, it would be costly, although it is upto you what you do obviously.

When you get to Hero or Elite Hero aug up with Aim & Endurance and also some Power & Endurance augments. A bit of a fine line really as some will just say go all Power, or all Aim & Endurance, but to be honest I have a combo of the both and it seems to work nicely.

CRIT: 31.4% with Co-ordination Buff
DAMAGE: 1,110 with mainly Aim + Endurance Augs and some Power augments.

Spec I have is 4 / 29 / 8 set up, I think it is the best I can do for my style of play. The only thing I would love to see the GM's do is to do something about the heat problem the Merc has, which in during a tough long fight can have you 100% heated out for 2 minutes at least (2 minute cooldown for Vent Heat - a bit cruel I think), which as you can imagine is not a nice place to be when you see those in front of you able to hold out against just Rapid Shots,lol.

Finally if you can PVP with a Merc, you can PVP with anything. I know of some pretty mental Mercs out there that will always do over 500k damage, but will never tell you there secret. To play as a Merc in PVP I think are the true PVPers in TOR, they know the almost seemingly endless flaws the Merc has, but have compensated by just being more tactful and aware of the surroundings and WZs they are in, more so than any other class I feel that in all honesty have an armchair ride compared to the Merc. If you have heals with you, then you can pretty much be unstoppable, but that is the same for any other class in reality.

Good luck with it.