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Yes, it's my pc: 3D Mark 11 vs ToR

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Yes, it's my pc: 3D Mark 11 vs ToR

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11.09.2012 , 12:47 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Andryah View Post
So... turn them off or down until they get around to fixing the core issue that causes nameplates to affect graphics performance.

And comparing any game to 3DMark is a failed exercise. Why? because it assumes all graphics in games is predicated on the same simplistic approach that a benchmarking tool like 3DMark makes.

All games are coded differently and MMOs are deliberately coded for different optimizations when compared to single player games. Why? because the dynamics in an MMO are much different then in a single player game.
If you havn't figured that on your own - turning the scaling off does nothing.

Comparing to 3DMark isn't a failed exercise - benchmarks are designed to stress your pc, games are not

Ok, MMOs are coded differently, what a surprise. Still, there's no excuse for why it's running so bad compared to other games (and benchmarks lol)

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11.09.2012 , 12:59 PM | #22
I wonder what I did right with my computer, because I fall on the opposite side of the fence when it comes to people's game experience and SWTOR.

I've rarely had bugs, I've rarely lost frames after patches and I've never crashed to been stuck on a load screen ever. If you go check the customer support forum I've never had any other the problems th ose guys are having. I run most of the game between 45-60 fps and I haven't had much to complain about since launch.

Now, this isn't a brag post, I'm just curious... everytime I hear someone respond "Who cares about that feature! They need to fix the bugs and make the game playable!" I think... 'what bugs? since when is the game unplayable?'. I know some people have game breaking bugs, don't get me wrong...

I would say I have the average 'high end' computer and I am the average computer owner who knows how to basically take care of a computer. What is it that I'm doing right? I wish I could know so that I could show you and everyone could enjoy the game at it's potential.

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11.09.2012 , 01:10 PM | #23
The issues are very individual to people's system and game. I can run TOR at max and get 100+ fps, even on the fleet in most cases. There are some days where there seems to be server lag spikes - which I think is likely server issues rather than graphical ones. On the other hand, while when I first got GW2 it was initially really smooth, something happened where now I often have to turn my graphics down to the very lowest or else I get 12 fps. I couldn't even play on the Halloween event it felt so laggy. It was fine before, what happened? Not sure yet but I don't necessarily blame the game.

When I see people post picture of really weird graphical problems like Gault's granny and tearing icons, that's usually a video card driver incompatibility, though I have heard having power supply not pumping out enough power consistently can affect it too. I had weird crazy LSD trip graphics in WoW once because of a driver, had constant crashing due to a stealthy memory stick issue.

TL;DR Yes TOR runs like a ***** for a lot of people but it's more of a combination of your various PC hardware, software, and the game, it's not necessarily one or the other.
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