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The Legacy of Darth Azlen

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11.01.2012 , 10:46 AM | #1
So, I decided to tell you the story about Dark Lord named Darth Azlen. Every now and then, I will upload one picture that tells the story about her, or people that might be, somehow, involved in her life.

Therefore, the name: "The Legacy of Darth Azlen".

1. Notable event.
After Empire attacked one of the Republic bases, "Operation Breeze", under the leadership of Darth Azlen, many Republic solders, Jedi, and even medics, were held as prisoners until Darth Azlen's arrival. After the battle, she flew back to Dark Council and came to see Republic prisoners with her own apprentice, Ymer.
One of notable events happened when Ymer ordered to Republic prisoners to bow in front of the Dark Lord.
While walking towards the main office, one Jedi, Akker Inu, stood still, not willing to bow.
Without even looking at the Jedi, Darth Azlen pulled her hand out and using the Force, forced him to kneel in front of her, smiling, leaving everyone amazed and Republic even more vulnerable.
Darth Azlen forcing Jedi to bow in front of her, while walking towards the main office
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2. Notable event.
Darth Azlen duels her archenemy during the Battle on Belsavis. The Jedi, whose name will stay a secret, got pulled by Darth Azlen out of the mayhem. "Now would be the time to get over with this!", was the sentence that led to duel between two mortal enemies. Darth Azlen also wounded one of the Sith who rushed to interfere. Knowing Master's plan, Ymer was attacking every Jedi or Republic solder that would, somehow, try to influence the final result of the duel.
Darth Azlen focusing on her nemesis.
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*** I would really like to know what you guys think about this 'picture' I made. Thank you : ).