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New class request

Scarperson's Avatar

10.27.2012 , 08:31 AM | #1
I have come up with 2 new classes that can be added to swtor I was thinking we can have a republic pirate and an imperial terroist. These classes both start out with pistols but for their advanced classes they can choose between having a pistol or rifle which makes these characters very unique. The pirates personality is kind of like the smugglers but he is more ruthless and more in favor in anything that gets him paid more wheather good or bad. The terrorist is kind of a mix of the sith warrior, bounty hunter, and imperial agent, the reason for this is because he is very deticated to the empire but also enjoys getting paid. HIs goal is basically to destroy the republic army and its citizens at any means necessary even if it means innocent lives being lost for the empire. please consider adding these classes