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Eventual Story End

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10.22.2012 , 12:07 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by SnazzyMcSplendid View Post
I'm not sure I understand why the game needs to fit in perfectly with the rest of the Star Wars lore, anyway. Granted, I've never read a single Star Wars related novel (and, my knowledge of the EU comes from what I've heard other mention, mostly), but aren't there a bunch of different levels of Canon, or something?

Personally, if Bioware came out and said that, as far as they're concerned, their MMO exists on its own level of Canon, I'd be alright with that. For example... you've got the Republic and the Empire, and the war between them... if the Republic ultimately win, then things progress in a way that leads you toward the existing lore. But, if the Empire ultimately win, then you end up with things drifting into an alternate time line... so, it becomes a weird sort of Star Wars alternate history story.

Of course, there's nothing to suggest that Bioware's plans for the game are anything like that. I'm just saying that, if they were, I'd be perfectly happy to just go with it.
Bioware cannot rewrite the Canon. That is not something they can do. Here is a link for the levels of canon.

By 1996, Licensing was keeping an in-house bible of reference materials as the volume of publications, facts, and figures grew to such unwieldy proportions that it became difficult to know everything relevant to a particular project. They finally decided something had to be done to organize the increasingly large collection of media which chronicled the Star Wars universe. A system of canon was developed that organized the materials into what was and wasn't fit for the Star Wars story.

In 2000, Lucas Licensing appointed Leland Chee to create a continuity tracking database referred to as the "Holocron". As with every other aspect having to do with the overall story of Star Wars, the Holocron follows the canon policy that has been in effect for years.

The Holocron is divided into five levels (in order of precedence): G-canon, T-canon, C-canon, S-canon, and N-canon.

G-canon is absolute canon; the movies (their most recent release), the scripts, the novelizations of the movies, the radio plays, and any statements by George Lucas himself. G-canon overrides the lower levels of canon when there is a contradiction. Within G-canon, many fans follow an unofficial progression of canonicity where the movies are the highest canon, followed by the scripts, the novelizations, and then the radio plays.

T-canon refers to the canon level comprising only the two television shows: Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the Star Wars live-action TV series. Its precedence over C-Level canon was confirmed by Chee.

C-canon is primarily composed of elements from the Expanded Universe including books, comics, and games bearing the label of Star Wars. Games and RPG sourcebooks are a special case; the stories and general background information are themselves fully C-canon, but the other elements such as character/item statistics and gameplay are, with few exceptions, N-canon.

S-canon is secondary canon; the story itself is considered non-continuity, but the non-contradicting elements are still a canon part of the Star Wars universe. This includes things like the online roleplaying game Star Wars: Galaxies and certain elements of a few N-canon stories.

N-canon is non-canon. "What-if" stories (such as stories published under the Star Wars: Infinities label), crossover appearances (such as the Star Wars character appearances in Soulcalibur IV), game statistics, and anything else directly contradicted by higher canon ends up here. N-canon is the only level that is not considered official canon by Lucasfilm. A significant amount of material that was previously C-canon was rendered N-canon by the release of Episodes I–III.
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10.22.2012 , 02:27 PM | #32
as JLazarillo said the republic eventually uses the empire's current symbol but whos to say that both side arnt so badly damaged by fighting between republic forces and sith that those left simply do enter a peace treaty that merges the two together.

i mean typhon seems to disappear from lore after the game and DK isnt seen till many many years later it makes sense that maybe both heads of each faction are torn apart and the survivors merge to avoid wiping each other out.

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10.24.2012 , 08:22 PM | #33
G-cannon, T-cannon, N-cannon.....sifting through all that is a pain. Sure I can accept lvls of what is, what is not and what is not entirly accurate. For example Starkiller did form the rebellion, could he do half the stuff he did in game? no, im willing to bet that it was "glorified story telling". Regardless things in these games do get a degree of "it happend" in the universal time line.

So instead of arguing over things like its T-cannon or N-cannon. Maybe we could start trying to iron out some form of cannon? or what we think could be cannon? For example possible gender, species, alignment, relationships for all 8 chars.
I Know allignment could be tricky, its generally accepted that the lightside "choice" is cannon in SW media. But i refuse to beleave that the Sith warrior was all light side choices.
Romances/relationships it generally seems that all "major" chars in the SW universe have little sproglets of their own to carry on the legacy (see what i did there)

What i think could happen is the Emperor bites the bucket, its fortold the JK defeats him. I dont honestly think for a second that has happend yet (especially having finished the SW story). So that event has to happen and this could possibly cause a large yet slow increase of sith infighting to fill the power vacume.
This and Jedi/Republic intervention splits the empire as it stands apart with Sith and Imperial forming splinter fragments, cults etc etc. Every now and again one faction rises up for dominance and is either swatted down after some degree of difficulty or dragged back down by more infighting/ rival cell (sith have a tendancy to do this, its apparent in the TOR story).

Thus it remains untill later re-united.

now as for genders/ species i shall only throw a few in that i think and let you discuss/add your own theories

Jedi knight, Male, Human, hidden offspring with kira, LS
Jedi Consular, Female, Mirelian, (i want to add a relationship with this but it really does not fit with the char to me tho poss "accident" with local ladies man Theran), LS
Sith warrior, Female, Sith pureblood, Short term romance with Quinn (even though i hate the guy), Mostly DS but a few key LS for tactical reasons
Sith inquisitor, Male, Zabrak, Numerous offspring known and unknown (guy owns a cult, follows various "rituals" its most likely) , very DS

Those are my thoughts, dont flame but discuss.