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Ashara Zavros Costuming

brucealan's Avatar

10.24.2012 , 10:41 AM | #1
Can we get that Stupid black body suit on Ashara removed so we can put her in a Dancers outfit or the slave girl costume?
Male Sorc's get 1 female companion and we can't dress her how we want because of the body suit while Mako, Vette, Kaliyo, Ensign Temple, and Jaesa can wear whatever!

Wolfninjajedi's Avatar

10.24.2012 , 11:10 AM | #2
Wrong forum section, go to classes.
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10.24.2012 , 05:15 PM | #3
yes this is the wrong forum section...

never the less this is a real issue... if there is one thing and ONE thing only that this game is in dire need of that is more skimpily dressed females
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