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Do you adjust attitude/personality to the character/class?

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Do you adjust attitude/personality to the character/class?

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10.17.2012 , 04:49 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by spookysage View Post
Yeah, I enjoy keeping different personalities in mind for different charactesrs. The main problem I have is that I'm still playing all these characters, so an awful lot of them turn out to be inveterate smart alecks.
i do that a lot by accident. my main is a smuggler and sometimes when i'm playing my jedi, i forget what class i am and then end up asking for creds.
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10.19.2012 , 10:27 AM | #12
Yes, my Sith Warrior was almost completely Dark Side until I hit 50 and decided my character already achieved so much that at this point he's gotta be bored. The Emperor appointed a ruthless person to be his Wrath so at this point what's left for him? Be good until the Emperor sends someone to off him and then my character will have a good fight again. Plus it would piss off his Dark Side wife.

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10.19.2012 , 12:00 PM | #13
I actually do adjust it per class, but its also fun to twist it when you're playing that class over, for example, my sniper was very respectful to the Sith and their power, even after certain events and revelations in chapter 2, but my operative is rude and disrespectful, and clearly follows no one but keeper, which I enjoy a lot after already knowing what happens in chapter 2, i like thinking her personality is one of the main factors leading up to those events. She is still loyal to the empire, however, and that plays a large role in her response..... or it will when i get there. Or my sent, who is in every way your typical Jedi, nice, calm, and always willing to help the needy, but he does have hidden passions when it comes to Kira. Or my smuggler, who flirts with everything that is female, but only wants a serious relationship with Risha, or my merc, who only wants credits, holds no loyalty except to the Mandalorians, is ruthless, but has multiple connections within the empire, and is someone the empire can always depend on when the military and even other Mandalorians failed. Basically I go with what seems to be the "proper" or "given" personality for each class, then I like to twist it a little, and even though BW has pretty much defined your toon's personality, they do give you the chance to twist it a little, which I enjoy doing. To be honest, Ive never RP'ed, Ive never really had an interest in it, but this game is slowly and surely dragging me into it.... and God help me, its kind of fun
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10.19.2012 , 12:44 PM | #14
I've only leveled my Sorc, Jug, Merc and Op to 50.

That being said only my Sorc and Merc experienced changes.

Merc: Mako made him a little bit less rough around the edges, less prone to kill people for being *twitchy.* He formerly shot people if they moved their hands towards their jacket or belt - trigger happy might be a good description.

Sorc: MASSIVE changes. It all starts with Darh Zash, my Sorcerer's first and only, mother figure. Zash was the first person in a position of authority in my Sorcerer's 23 years as a slave to show him kindness. Thanks to her, his paranoia changed to a helpful personality that tried to avoid conflict.

There were 2 incidents that coloured my Sorcerer's view of the galaxy, changing it from jaded, to that of of a dirty, broken mirror shattered into a thousand cutting shards.

1. The 1st incident was the affair between Elana Thul and Nomar Organa. My Sorcerer never threatened Lady Thul, never hurt her and was completely honest with Nomar Organa. And PISSED when he discovered that Nomar Organa had abandoned the Lady Thul a 2nd time and was waiting for him. Was I angry that he'd ambushed me? Nope. Was I angry that he'd broken Elana's heart a 2nd time? HELL YES. Up until this point I'd never liked Revel, but when he approved of my "You betrayed Rehanna twice." dialogue choice, he went from being my least favourite companion, to above Khem Val (who I affectionately refer to as my morose monster).

2. But "mommy's" betrayal of me was the reason I went from being Light III in Act I to Dark V in Act III. Simply put, her comments about how I was 'wasting my freedom' by not going for power resonated with how bitter I felt when the first person to show kindness to me betrayed me. I didn't get her the artifacts because I wanted power from some arcane ritual, I did it because I was grateful for her choosing me as her apprentice. After I trapped her in the mind trap I sent it in a torpedo tube - into the sun. Mommy made a mistake
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10.19.2012 , 03:14 PM | #15
Since the history of the war spans at least 20 years prior to when the "peace" treaty was signed i base my characters and thier inevitable deep sink into the darkside on the assumption that if they were young children exposed to the war and its horrors they cannot properly deal with what they saw and what they were exposed to and can find no real way to cope with it other than to become destructive weapons of war themselves.

Using my dark jedi as an example, who has told many of the jedi council members to go f**k themselves numerous times and has used force choke to snap the neck of aleyna hark, using the force to persuade a sith lord to get on his knees and be executed, along with the resentment that arises during the first chapter when they are really doing nothing more than hiding away the republics dirty secrets, is also extremely protective of kira especially since discovering her true origins.

Its the small character details that i found on my first playthrough make the gameplay better rather than simply mindlessly goin around and doin jobs like this was grand theft auto